Sunday, January 1, 2017


MALIGAYONG PASKO AT MALIGONG BAGONG TAON!! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!     I think I won't email a whole ton, since I totally skyped already ;) But here are pictures for the week! There was a 64 year old man who cuts wood for a living and he had a chainsaw that was almost as long as I am TALL!!! It was awesome, he also had a super chunky pig!! xD
The one with the sitting kid was really humbling because like you heard... we were on ABS-CBN tv giving gift packages to poor families. So while they were all waiting I saw this one kid... and he was super cute, but you can really tell by the picture that life isn't easy. I was also really humbled that day when a sister came up and asked me to take her child.


 I've really been changed by everything in my mission, and I'm so grateful for it :)

We had a great christmas dinner at a buffett place with our ward mission leader, Brother B! He's SUPER cool and way nice :)
Love you guys so much!!! Ingat po kayo palagi,
~Elder Isaac Morris


Other pics.
WOODSTOCK FO LIFE!!!!! (im not too sure about the nazi sign or the cross though....) And we had delicious pizza with the Sisters at a pizza place called Shakeys!

Whew, I'm super happy by the email! And am super happy for the new news.... I know that I should be sad , but in my own thoughts and feelings... I feel like it's a miracle.  If there is anything that made me really happy, it was hearing about the alpacas and getting them captured! That sounds like it was a blast, though I am curious if they spit at you ever or not ;)
Anyways, it sounds like there is a lot of good that is going on! :) And Hannah, don't worry about the guy... it's his fault if he doesn't notice you! Haha, and congrats Jacob on being ordained a priest... which means you get to bless the sacrament (and you're basically my height now... so that's way fun!) 
Mommy, I vote in favor of Adam and Peter getting the Christmas week off... I mean after all it IS Christmas ;) Or at the least you could make them half days!
My biggest news is that Tatay T and S got baptized this Saturday :D :D :D (Sorry, the only picture I have is blurry... but I'll hopefully send a new one when my ward mission leader emails us the pictures) But it was such a fun experience! It was kind of rough though at first considering the fact that there was NO WATER in the chapel for like 2 hours, and when it did get water finally it was kind of a gross brown. Eventually though it was all sorted out and we started the program at almost 6pm when it should have started at 4 :)P However, it was a really great experience and Tatay T was just SO HAPPY, I mean he was just beaming! (It's pretty fun to be around when an old man is just super happy). I could really feel that he was ready for his baptism!! S was really happy too, but she's always kind of shy around people... but I could tell that is was a good experience for her too!
     I think that seeing someone enter into the waters of baptism is one of the great miracles of missionary work, and I feel honored to see people have their lives change through their acceptance of the gospel of Jesus Christ!
   Other than that though, this week was just INSANE!
Monday- PDAY
Tuesday- Christmas Conference- It was SUPER fun because we gathered as 4 or 5 zones to celebrate Christmas and really felt the spirit! Elder C and I got to give a workshop to all of the missionaries about looking for the hightlight moments in the mission field and were really uplifted my missionaries sharing their favorite moments! We also watched some movie called RISEN about a roman soldier who was given the comission by Pilate to search out the claims of a risen Christ. It was okay, but kind of weird in all honesty... I don't think that the apostles were very well portrayed, but it was still a pretty neat movie :)
Wednesday- 4 Baptismal interviews for another set of Elders here in Dagupan and a Family Home Evening.
Thursday-Planning meeting and sorting out what to do for a gift giving at a nearby hospital.
Friday- Gift giving at Region 1 Hospital here in Dagupan!!! It was SUPER fun, we sung fun songs and played some games with the children who are at the hospital and gave away a bunch of gifts. It was a good experience to cheer up children who are in the hospital over the Christmas season #LightTheWorld # I rode on the back of a jeep going to the hospital #white guy wearing santa hat on jeep in the philippines
Saturday- 3 more Baptismal interviews for another set of Elders and then the baptism itself
Sunday- Church and teaching our great investigator named N :) Oh, and we now have a set of Sisters here in the ward, I think they will only be there for a month, but it's pretty cool. Hopefully they can help us with the work here!
So basically this week we have had NO TIME to actually work, but it was a great week! I'm super excited to be able to Skype home this coming Saturday morning! (So Friday evening for you guys) I can't wait to see you guys and share some of the crazy things that have happened since I came here :D
Love you guys so much, and MERRY early CHRISTMAS :D :D
~Elder Morris
PS- you may wonder about all the chairs, we had an activity during District Meeting where we made a giant maze and then led a blindfolded missionary through it while others were giving him false directions... it was a crazy fun activity!!

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