Sunday, July 31, 2016


Dear family
That is one of the awesomest shirts ever! It's super funny to to me because there are so many goats here in the Philippines, just about everyone owns at LEAST one. So I get to see them all the time! I also love the picture of the chicken... the sad part is that a chicken could probably make a better President that some people... ;)
You guys have no idea how many stories I have that I can tell... the problem is that there is only one hour to be able to send them, so one day I'll just have to tell them in person. But for now they're being written in my journal :)
It's been so awesome to hear about how the week has been for you guys, it made me laugh especially in hearing about Primary and how you've been handling that... I don't think that there are many people who can deal with little crazy kids than my mommy :)  (Here's a Tagalog word: makulit... it basically means like rowdy, crazy, energetic... like that!)
That was such a powerful poem that you sent to me, and it is so true... I feel like that is how the world is and very well describes what it is like with the Atonement. I notice especially that it wasn't until after he had done all he can that the Lord sent down a rope, I'm sure that the Lord would have enough rope to just help everyone out of the hole. (He does have all that power) But we can only use that power if we ourselves are doing all we can to access it :)
Now... for this week...
 I am honestly amazed at how fast this week has flown by, it feels like just yesterday I was sitting down to type and send the most recent happenings here in the Tayug area! This week has been fun and full of interesting moments, too bad I don't have time to send everything! xD
So first off I suppose is that we will be having a baptism this Saturday for our investigator, D! It has been so fun teaching her because she honestly just soaks up the gospel like a sponge... what a unique and fun experience this is to be serving here!
We will also have the interview for E this coming Saturday, for some reason all he really wanted was to wait until August for his baptism... which honestly confused us, but I suppose that that was his choice, we have just been working around what is best for him! However, I am so happy to have been helping to teach him because it has been some 3 years of being taught by the missionaries but for some reason hasn't progressed until just recently! And he came to church again this last Sunday :D
Sino pa? T family! This is the part member family that I have been telling you guys about and they are really really receptive to the gospel. They've been coming to church too, which is super fun because this is one of the nicest families that I have met here :)
My crazy story for this week is that we had to drop one of our investigators because she quite basically asked me and my companion on a double date and when we explained why not she just kept forcing us... and then told us that she is "forbidden" to come to our church unless we first get close to her, needless to say though we learned though family that she is kind of crazy. it does hurt though that we had to drop someone for that sort of reason, but that's just the mission rules :)P
And earlier we had a Zone activity here at the Tayug chapel! We all got together wearing our Zone T-shirt (because the shirts here are cheap enough that we can all buy them) and played Rugby! The reasoning is that our Zone Leader, Elder L, is from New Zealand and all the Filipinos wanted to play something from another country... so we played Rugby (two hand touch, since real rugby can be kind of violent...) but it was so much fun :D
ps- I am so out of shape, hahahahahaha... I need to start running or something!
I love being a missionary so much, and right now I am so grateful to be here and serving for the Lord!
Love you guys so much,
Elder Morris

ps- The foresty pictures were when we went proselyting in this totally forest area which was so fun!
I also had the opportunity to eat DRAGON FRUIT. Which is probably the most delicious fruit on this planet xD
And the picture with the guinea pig just has a funny story... we were teaching an investigator and his kid comes in after the lesson with this guinea pig and we of course just ask to hold it. Soon after that picture was taken, Elder A got peed on by the guinea pig and had to work the rest of the day with it looking like he peed in his pants! It was pretty hilarious xD 

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Meron akong magandang buhay! (I have a beautiful life)

Sunday, July 10, 2016


Happy Fourth of July!!! :D I'm sad to hear that you guys are likely to have rain there... in case you want to feel jealous, just remember that today here is actually really sunny and warm ;) I think that my appreciation for America has actually increased a LOT since coming here to the Philippines because I see the differences in the country and my own patriotism has increased so much :) I would have been so happy to have received my package today on July 4th... but it still hasn't come... to be honest I don't even remember when it was sent! Isn't it so funny how stuff like that just takes SO LONG to make it here? But it's okay, I always tell myself "maybe next week"! Just don't send anything to me in mail for like the last 6 months of my mission since it probably wouldn't get here xD
Anyway, I don't mind being blind because there are some things here that I just prefer not to be able to see.... (example: bakla. Or gay guys who dress and try to act like girls... it's really uncomfortable to have them talk to you :P)
Y'all need to start cutting wood! This is the coming winter will be the first that I won't be able to help you with... time to call on Jacob to fill in for me ;) It's so awesome to hear about your celebration and the animals... how is Sammy doing? I haven't heard from him in a while? :( Is he still preparing for a mission? he growing a beard...?
I realized from the pictures how much everyone is growing up... that's so crazy! STOP GETTING OLDER ADAM AND PETER. You both need to stay the two little goofballs forever. 
It's funny that you mentioned my mission call and reading that I would learn the preach the gospel in the T-AH-GAH-LOG language.... we all were laughing about how it doesn't even sound like a language and just yesterday I was reading the Tagalog Preach my Gospel and realized that I can understand this language and actually reflected back to that day and to the first day when I looked at the language and literally everything looked like jibberish xD To be honest though, a lot of the words are still pretty much jibberish and weird to me!!
If you guys want something fun to say.... Pitongpu't pitong puting pato.  (seventy seven white ducks)
Ang umpisa ng bagong transfer dito sa Pilipinas kung saan ang bagong pagkakataon ay nandito sa akin para magbahagi ng mensaheng ito sa bawat tao!! :D The start of a new transfer here in the Philippines where a new opportunity is here for me to share this message to all people!
 This week has been fun, and we've been having a great time and opportunity to find new people to teach!  Even though the heat has been relentless a few times... to be honest this weather is kinda weird. It can literally rain for like 20 minutes the hardest I have ever seen and then stop and all of the sudden be sunny, so that was fun... but here basically starts the rainy season and we've been getting the rain. It's not bad though because for some reason the rain here is really cold...  like the rest of the water.... like the shower xD
Anyway, we've still been teaching E and yesterday was supposed to be his interview. But it didn't continue for the sole reason that our District Leader wants to have his baptism announced in church... which is really sad because now I think E is discouraged and he told us that maybe next month he'll try again. He had his baptismal date pushed back like 3 times now... which is really sad, so we'll teach him and talk to him this week about that. And we will hopefully have his baptism this coming Saturday. Our other investigator is so awesome, D... she's practically a member who just hasn't been baptized yet! This week she'll be going to Seminary with the students here (at like 5pm.... they don't do early morning, SWERTY SILA. (they are lucky!))
I've had a fun time doing OYMs this week and talking to some random people: This one lady wasnt like rude... but it was crazy. So she's sitting here on a bench doing absolutely NOTHING and so I do what anybody would do and talk to her right? Maybe it was a bad idea because she goes on about how she's all busy and like I ask for her name but literally she says she's busy and stuff.... whatttt? I think though that's like only the 3rd time that anyone has done something like that to me when I've talked to them... the culture here is just about that if I were to walk up to someone and ask if I can share a message with them, they'll say yes 9 our of 10 times!
But anyway, this is all kind of random. Sorry xD But it''s really been so much fun here and I feel so blessed every day to be a part of this work! I'm sorry though if sometime there will be a time I won't email at all... rainy season has started which  means typhoons will start too... that'll be fun ;)
This week there has been one thing that I have learned that's really stuck with me... and that is the power of the Atonement and love that comes through the knowledge of the gospel that casts out fear in life. Fear of death, fear of loneliness, fear of man, fear of judgement, fear of the dark! fear of anything.... it's all overcome if we have the faith and knowledge that comes from this message, there is nothing else in this life that can offer that... or even pretend to offer something like that :)
Well, I love you guys so much... and I love America! So enjoy your fourth of July!!! Since I guess it's like 1am there now XD I sent out a letter today... so maybe you guys will get it one day :)P 
Love you guys,
~Elder Isaac Morris
PS_ Sorry for no pictures or the Kamusta video... so I'll be sure to do that this week and send it to you guys next week :)