Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Howdy howdy! It's good to hear from y'all! Seeya THIS WEEK :O
It should be fun working with the missionaries in Woodstock for a day, to get just a small taste of what the work is like there in America... although I'm likely to freeze my butt off- Love you guys so much!
Seeya soon :)

Elder Morris

I want to send something really long and inspirational---but I'm feeling lazy, to be honest ;) Besides, I can tell you guys all about this week when I get home next week hahahaha!

So here's a bunch of pics from this week!
With Love,
Elder Morris

Well, I won't send a HUGE email- but you know, I sent a bunch of pics- this is just an email to answer questions and whatnot--- so first, with getting released as a missionary I would prefer to be released as soon as possible BUT it would be way cooler to be there as a family (ALSO, that Thursday is totally on the 9th, which if I'm not mistaken is exactly 2 years from when I got set apart) So you know, go ahead and set it up for that Thursday evening--I can wait one more day ;) But the question would be: for that one day would I have to stay home or go and work with  the missionaries in our ward? (which would be totally chill either way haha!)--I'll let you guys deal with that and talk to President, because I'm okay however it goes!

Also, SUPER exciting that you guys have someone to move into the home-- that's totally a blessing :D

Don't worry Mommy, I'll whoop Jacob into shape and help Dexter out haha ;) I think it would be way fun to have a 'Ward Open house'!

I sent you guys how me week was-- it's a really short email because I'm tired right now hehe xD It was a fun experience earlier to Skype y'all and talk a little about missionary work and answer some questions!

Love the pictures, can't wait to see you guys!  But don't y'all worry I'm still going to work hard as ever in the coming days- I'm just feeling lazy to email right now hehe :)P
Totes got Jacobs email- I KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN.

Love you guys,
Elder Morris

I'm going to be totally honest to y'all right now-- I only have like 2 weeks left to go. I'm not going to send a really big email today. It's SO FUN being here in the Philippines! We have work steadily improving here in San  Carlos and are blessed to see people becoming more interested in the gospel! Elder T is doing great :D

We totally went to this members home and there was a goose that just HATED us. Like kept trying to attack us and stuff---it was way funny xD
Also, went to Urdaneta earlier this morning--asked my companion to take a picture of me with the Urdaneta sign just because it's my mission center :D 
That's about all I gotta say, love you guys so much! Seeya soon!!
Elder Morris

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Ummmmm... I think Nacho Libre needs to be the first movie I watch xD It's SO FUNNY! It's weird too, because it's like every missionary I know has seen the movie! Is it just a mormon thing or something?? Hehe, anyways though- I'd be totally fine with sharing a room with Dexter for a while, I'll need to find a place to put up my hammock to sleep in hehe (because I bought a hammock wayyyy back, it's pretty sweet--and I still sleep in it sometimes because I hung it up on the inside of our bunk bed)!
Anyways, it's way funny to hear that you have a sponser now! That's way cool though :D
Woah--congrats to T! I didn't even realize that he's 18 now xD

Anyways, Elder T and I have seen a lot of success this week, especially in finding new people to teach! President told me that he called me to be a District Leader back in the day because I was pretty shy.... I'm happy to report though that since then I have become a LOT more outgoing! Talking to new people doesn't even really phase me that much :D
There was a really awesome experience that I want to say when we met the D family! We were going down this one path with a curve near the end to go back and visit this one OYM that we felt had a lot of potential--so anyway, as we got closer there was a youth who saw us, turned around and headed back to the house.. I was mildly confused so I jokingly told Elder Tobler that there were two possibilities of what that youth would do 1_Tell everyone to hid from the "Mormons" or 2_Everyone would be there waiting for us--- Well, .. we ended up having 15 New Investigators from that ONE experience, everyone was there! I mean it was cousins, siblings, aunts, uncles... it was totally insane! :D They told us that they have never met the Mormon missionaries either, which I thought was just insane- we're going to work especially hard to teach all of them and help them know, feel, and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It was such a cool experience :)
Elder T will also likely have his first baptism coming up on November 4th, we feel confident that the Cagioua kids will be baptized on that day :) They're way cool and nice!
I'm SO EXCITED to be able to keep serving for the remaining time I have here in the Philippines Urdaneta Mission :D I've been learning sooooo much from my experiences here in the mission field! 
~Elder Morris

There is but one picture I want to explain- I haven't really mentioned it over the past months, but kids in some areas LOVE to do "Spider Fighting". So the concept is the same as a chicken fight, but the put two spiders on different ends of a stick and have them fight, which is really interesting to watch---so anyways, the kids in one of our areas LOVE spider fights, I asked the kid if his big yellow spider bites... and the kid said it doesn't... so I did what anyone would do, and took that big spider and let it crawl all over my hands... it was freaky but AWESOME! We got a sweet picture :D

This email was really awesome from you guys- I loved hearing that you were able to go to New York and go on that big run and be able to visit Palmyra! :D The Book of Mormon and the Restoration are AMAZING!!!!
That song that you sent was super good, it was surprising to really read the lyrics and imagine how hard it was for them to preserve the records... JUST FOR US to read when the time comes!

Anyways, truly these are days never to be forgotten! This week was uniquely challenging in its own respects, but was truly an awesome experience! This area has been presenting me with unique challenges and struggles, but it's really a good area and a great place to train a new missionary! We mostly spent this week finding people that we can teach the gospel to and ended the week with a blessing of 27 new people that we can teach! So this week we are going to focus on getting them to the point of progression and helping them get to church! It's a really good and exciting time here in the Urdaneta mission, we're blessed with seeing the hastening of the work and how it effects the lives of those around us! We sadly weren't able to teach R A this week because of her work at a small restaurant, but we hope to contact her this week! We also met a part member family, the C family who have been less active for some 4 years and have family members who have not really listened to the missionaries previously- we expect to see wonderful results this coming Sunday! :)
My companion, Elder T has been doing great! It scares me how fast he's been learning Tagalog and how much he wants to learn and be a good missionary, he's going to do great during his time here in Urdaneta mission! It's really fun to be his companion--he loves to laugh and be happy, which really takes the edge off a long, hot day in the Philippines! He's also WAY good at the guitar and was asked by President D to play at this really big "Musical Fireside" for Bayambang Stake this coming Friday, so that's going to be way fun!
Anyways, we also listened to General Conference this week, and I have to be honest... it was SO WONDERFUL. I was frankly worrying this week about what's going to happen in the future and how it's going to be when I get home...because from talking to Elder Tobler, I feel like the world is really falling into darkness, and in that there seemed to be darkness that creeped into the edges of my hope- But General Conference dispelled ALL fears. It was amazing, I've felt such a flood of light into my soul from General Conference. It was like a deep breath of hope that sunk into my soul, truly those were words of God! Even though we didn't get to hear from our Beloved Prophet or Robert D. Hales...
I'm not afraid of the future anymore, all we have to do is face the light and do what we KNOW to be right. Something that President Monson said and was reminded to me by Hannah in her letter for my Birthday was that "The future is as bright as your faith". It was a wonderful reminder to me :)
Love, A Philippines Urdaneta Missionary,
Elder Morris
See you all in a Month :D

1- A lizard we saw tied up the other day at a members home... they plan on eating it xD
2- My companion, Elder T from Nevada! He's awesome :D :D

Well, there isn't too much I know to say right now, other than I am currently in the city of San Carlos to work!!! It's so freaky to think that I'm down to the last month before I go home, I don't want to accept how close it is.. so I won't hehe ;) But what I can say is that life isn't a race, I'm still young hehe (unlike you guys ;))... so I feel like I should stay home for a year to help around home and prepare to go to college! As fun as the challenge would be to jump right into college, I don't feel or think it's the right thing for me to do. But that's okay :)
Anyways, it's way bumming to hear the challenge that Dexter has been going through, but at least he's in a situation and place where he can get some help :) I can't wait to see all you guys, haha! 

So anyways, this week has been really good- though it's been a REALLY crazy week, so I'm going to summarize this is some points just so you can get the idea of how it's been!
Monday- I got called by the APs to transfer to SAN CARLOS, my last area--I am opening the area here, because there used to only be 2 missionaries here, now it's four... so we have the assignment to bring the new area to speed!
Tuesday- I transferred and visited the members and recent converts of the San Carlos Elders
Wednesday- I had a full day to get to know the area, I was with Elder R from Quezon City, and Elder T from Kirabati
Thursday- I HAVE A KID... or a trainee named Elder T (Or T, like the chocolate hehehe). He's from Mesquite, Nevada... which I guess it's near Las Vegas! He's way chill and ready to learn! I remember back when I was still a brand new baby missionary as well- it's a pretty interesting challenge since I'm teaching him Tagalog, how to be a missionary, and leading the area after being there for one full day xD It's a challenge, but so much fun! I don't have ANY time to be homesick--we'te having a lot of fun!
Friday and Saturday and Sunday- We worked and visited members and found people to teach! The biggest success being that we met R , a referral we received the DAY we worked in our new area-- Friday Morning! She is super receptive and we feel is ready to receive the gospel! I feel that this first investigator that my companion has taught will also become his first baptism this coming November 4th (If everything falls in place!)

So we're here now, it's so awesome! It's hard, but we're having a blast working here in San Carlos :D
Seeya guys soon(ish), and love you guys so much---I'd say I think about home and you guys a bunch, but I don't ;) I don't have time right now to worry about home!
~Elder Morris

Elder Morris
Philippines Urdaneta Mission

Well, that's a really surprising email to get... it's sad to think what's been happening, but at the same time I'm grateful that there are hospitals and medicines that can be used to help a bit :) Actually Mommy, in regards to that I've been thinking this week about what I'm going to be doing after my mission and with schooling (Just gonna run this idea across so I can know what you guys think)- and I think that I won't just JUMP into college quite yet, but I feel it might be better if I'm home for a year so that I can prepare financially and intellectually--and I want to be able to help :) Is that okay with you guys? Because I remember Whitney and Katherine got home and then went like immediately to school :)P

Anyways, this is going to be a fairly short email for today, there are a lot of things we've got to get done today and a lot on my plate right now! The first and scariest news is that I have officially entered into the final 6 weeks of my time here in the Philippines and will be starting a study program called "MyPlan" this week! So that's going to be exciting!
   The other exciting news is one that is going to unfold this week, so on Thursday I got called by the APs and given the exciting news that "I'm going to have a kid!!!' Not a literal kid, of course hehe... but rather I'm called to train a new missionary in the remaining weeks of my mission! I don't know who he is yet, but it's going to be a super neat adventure! I'll introduce him next week- that also means that I will be transferring areas sometime this week, which is also pretty sad :(
   But it's all okay, I'm happy to see what's going to be happening this week! The happy news is for B and J A, so this previous Saturday they passed their baptismal interview... it's a bummer that I'm not going to be here for their baptism, but it's been a blessing to be a part of helping them prepare! :)
All in all, I'm just happy to be alive and be a missionary!
With Love,
Elder Morris

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Well, it's awesome to hear from you guys!  It's weird seeing those pictures and realized how much has changed in the course of only a few years! I also TOTALLY remember that Halloween picture, that's super funny!!
It's a bummer that you guys won't be moving as soon as you hoped, but don't worry because the time will come :) Just keep trusting and stuff--it'll all work out! 
We'll be watching General Conference too, soon! But of course... the week after you guys because we couldn't watch it live here hehehe
   So anyways, this week we saw blessings and miracles, the first is that B J came to church again! We've been talking to him and he's been coming to church because everyone else in his family is pretty much a recent convert or returning less active! He's been showing great interest in our message as well! It's a really funny situation, actually! The first three in their family was baptized (R, H, and J), which interested L H and R... when those two got baptized, Nanay P and J got interested and baptized... and now because all of them have been changed by the gospel and are changing because of it, B J has become interested and even accepted a baptismal date this week :D
   The M family also is showing great progression- for a while only Nanay was coming to church...but this week they came as a family! Which was AWESOME :D
   There is also one more experience that I want to share, which may or may not turn out to be a super wonderful experience! It's about someone we met named D... we actually taught his mom previously and then ended up dropping her because she wasn't interested... but during a lesson this week to a less active, D just randomly shows up and sits down with us DURING the lesson---and tells us this story: So he was in Urdaneta the day before with some friends when they met two sister missionaries, the missionaries gave different pamphlets to each of them... his friends left the pamphlets behind, and D took them with him because he figured that it would be a waste of "the words of Christ"... he then told us that that night he read all of them and felt something powerful! He's got addictions and self inflicted scars, was also beaten as a child--- so we testified shortly of Christ and promised that he can find peace of mind and help, and set up a return appointment! We will see this week if that turns out to be a wonderful experience! :) It wasn't expected, but we're excited to see what's going to happen! 
   I'm just trying to continue working hard, even though honestly it's hard sometimes because of the heat and everything... but that's just life haha! #Looking forward
I also got the flight information stuffs today, that's a freaky thought! Haha!
Love you guys,
Elder Morris

There is a pic there of us at District Meeting, their awesome! Also, pictures from a family home evening! Also, the WHOLE P family is coming to church every week now :D :D :D
And the black and white one is R, he started coming to church because of a member friend, and is SO interested in the gospel!!! We're not the ones teaching him though because he is living in Dagupan, but he comes to church every week either here or over there! It's so awesome :) :) Haha, I remember his first time to church he leaned over to my companion and asked how much is costs to get a Book of Mormon, we told him it was totally free xD

My xray last Monday went fine---I'm 100% healthy :)

Sunday, September 17, 2017


This is going to be kind of a shortie email (sorry!)- I'm going to Dagupan right after this to go and get my Xray done in Villafor Hospital! It's because I guess it's needed to make sure that I'm healthy and whatnot so that I can eventually go back to America :) It's going to be a pretty fun adventure! So even though the "Elder Morris is old" hype is over... at least life here is still exctiting :D
It's awesome anyways to hear about y'alls week! I'm sad to say that I haven't been able to learn much with Filipino cooking this last week---but I plan on doing that maybe this week xD We just don'g have a whole lot of time at the apartment... there's no time to waste!!!! Anyways, JACOB IS GONNA BE A CART PUSHER :D :D :D :D You'll have some interesting experiences in that... like when a trucker leaves a bag of poop behind the store xD
It's weird to think though that I may be going home to a different home...but it's all cool :)

 First.... in answer to your question... door knocking isn't that effective anywhere you go hahaha... but it was okay! But Anyways, we had something we considered to be a miracle happen on Sunday! So of course you guys have been hearing about the P family and their progression! So first off, Rs Mom (who was baptized some 20+ years ago and went inactive for that time) actually is coming back and we talked to the clerk to get her records moved here to Mangaldan! So that was a success :D
    The other super exciting part is that we had a "breakthrough" to Nanay Bs youngest son! We've finally started being able to teach him and he actually came to church with the whole family :D So what happened is we finished teaching the P family and were walking to our next appointment when we saw him fishing on the side in a small canal-- so we said hi and invited him to come to church with the rest of the P family and he said he would try to come but has things to do. Well anyway, he came to church and had an awesome time-- he asked questions to us as well about like church standards and stuff! :)P 
     Story continued- Nanay B told us later that last night, B talked to her and said something along the lines of "The Elders invited me to come to church, I'll come with you guys tomorrow"! Well... it was just really cool because we see potential in him! The P family is being completed :D

That's about all that I'm going to be putting in for today--- hope you guys enjoy it! Love you guys so much, take care! :D
Elder Morris

Sunday, September 10, 2017

August & 9-10-2017 letters


Thanks for the Birthday wishes :D It means a lot! To be honest, I'm pretty surprised at the news of planning to move homes--but it doesn't bother me, you guys feel it's what you should do... so go for it hehe :) I'll adjust! It's pretty bumming though just because I'll miss the good ol' Woodstock home! It'll be cool though to see what the new place will be like!
I'm not going to have too much to say this week! Except WOOHOO---I'm 20 Years old now! Which means that I'm not a teenager anymore :D #Getting old. Too bad not much has changed with my personality... but at least a lot has changed in my spirituality! It doesn't feel super special though---considering that in missionary work I don't have a whole lot of time to think about "me" xD
It's been really good though- we were thrilled when S came to church! (With her less-active live in partner) and we have been talking with them and trying to help them get married! The only thing we are waiting on is for S to get her paper back with her Moms signature (which she sent to Manila to get signed)- and hopefully they will be getting married in October! It was so cool to see them come to church as a couple! Her "husband" has been changing a lot in the past few months--- we noticed that as they read and prayed as a couple, they enjoyed greater joy as a family! When we got to their home now, Brother J is smiling to see us :D
Other than that, we've been focusing on finding more people to teach! Something that we did this week was go on an exchanges with the San Fabian Elders... what happened is that my companion spent the day going to appointments and I went the whole day---knocking on doors and talking to people! We actually found a fair amount of people that we can go back to and teach! :D It was a pretty big blessing!
We're just happy to work and work hard! It's so awesome to be a missonary! I love this work and I love being able to serve Jesus Christ in all I do :)
You guys take care, I'll be seeing y'all in about 2 months- which is a rather freaky thought! Love you guys!
Elder Morris


Woah! That IS something different from the old Mumbo jumbo about running and stuff ;) Although that is plenty exciting as well! That honestly made me so happy to hear from everyone and I'm so happy to hear from you guys- it's good that you guys are all going well! I whish I had time to respond to everyone, but I'm pretty much out of time!
Anyways, this was ONE crazy week! Who knew that setting up a stake Baptism takes so much work xD I would go into more detail on that, but it would be very boring- so long story short... it took lots of work, but it worked out well and the baptism was successful! :D It was SO COOL to be a part of a group baptism, especially since it was an opportunity to see the candidates and friends of the other companionships in our zone! The two in that baptism were B P and J F-- N is the grandmother of some recent converts and J is their cousin! It was a really special experience and they bore a great testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ! The P family is becoming my favorite family here in Mangaldan, just because they're so open to the gospel! There is even one less active in their family though who are less active and are going through personal problems, but it was a HUGE blessing to see her come to church and even find the courage to talk to our Bishop, Bishop T! It's so neat to see their family being completed :)
Other than that, our week was pretty normal... we've still been working hard and trying to find new people to teach and invite them to come to church with us :) I've decided FINALLY to have my Filipino companion teach me how to cook Filipino foods---that's honestly something I probably should have done a LOOOOONG while ago. But that's okay, it's never too late to learn ;) You guys will LOVE Adobo! (Once I learn how to cook it... hehe)
Anyways, I think I can OFFICIALLY say that I'm getting close to going home (Don't worry... it's not distracting me from the work at all.) I can only say that though because we had Zone Interviews with President D and he asked me what I'm going to do after my mission xD I still have one more interview with him though hehehe
I think that's about all though that I can say for this week, it's been a really awesome week . I'm so blessed and grateful to be a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The only true and living church upon the earth :)
Elder Morris

Haha, don't worry- I know the world is just a messed up place. But it's a good thing we know about the gospel and where we need to stand :) I'm THRILLED at hearing that Dexter is going to be able to come home....and even more that it means he'll be there when I get home!!!!  It's so good to hear about how things are going back home! 
Jacob got a JOB?! That's so weird----Jakey Wakey is getting all old xD He'll almost be 17 when I get home... wow.

And one last note... Chicken Feet taste WAY good... they just have a lot of bones :)P

Anyways, Well, to be honest, I don't have a whole lot to "report on" this week- we've just been working as usual to help people come unto Christ! It was really good in the sense that we were blessed to see people come to church who have not been able to come in the previousl weeks! One of which is M M, who hasn't been able to come to church these last weeks, although he has been able to come to church with previous missionaries---so that was really neat :D

I think that the most exciting news, is that B P, and J P have passed their interview this previous Saturday and will therefore be able to be baptized this coming Saturday on the 26th, along with some others who missonaries in the zone have helped to prepare! It's going to be a really awesome experience :D :D

In our apartment as well, we have a new missonary- Elder S (He's Elder E's new companion). and he's pretty cool! He's from Australia and is 7 months in his mission!
Haha, that's probably all I've got to say! I've been put in charge of making the baptismal programs---so that's what I'm going to do now hehe
Love you guys, I'll email you again next week :D It'll be longer, I promise! 
Elder Morris. PS Actually- something cool is that those glasses we are wearing in the picture are reading glasses. Our mission started something where investigators and recent converts can have reading glasses given to them if needed :D N B was the first was we gave glasses to! She was super excited :D

Woah! That's some way crazy news-- it's so cool that Hannah is deciding to serve a mission! There is no way that can go wrong :D WOOO She should be assigned in the Philippines Urdaneta Mission :D
It's good to know that some things haven't changed... #magiccards
And that you guys were able to get a new(ish) car!
Also, HAPPY Anniversary Mommy! Dad! 14 years seems like a loooong time... but it's not hehe ;) 
Anyway, I don't have too much time left so..... I should probably tell you guys about how my week has been going, hehe! Elder L and I have found success in finding new people to teach in areas we havent visited yet. Especially since we applied what I mentioned last week in working in the Morning, studying at a members home when it comes to lunch (since our schedule was changed to have study in the lunch time hours) and staying until night- it was an awesome idea because we were able to eat our lunch and then find a quiet spot to study at a members home or outside while enjoying the fresh air. It then saved us a lot of time on travel (like 30minutes) that was previously wasted on sitting in a jeep :)

It was just a really good week, Nanay P and J are still on date for August 26th, which is going to be really exciting! Nanay is getting really excited, since she's been seeing the changes in the lives of her grandkids! Other than that, we've been just finding new people we can teach--especially since some of the ones we were teaching previously have began to hide from us... I mean literally. We walked up to this one home, and we saw our investigator and she saw us and she LITERALLY ran away like she saw a ghost... when we knocked at their home, her husband came out and said nobody was home. So that was sad.
But it's her choice, we just try to help them!
Speaking of which, we are teaching M and S... they're siblings who have been being taught for a while but have been lacking faith to act. This week we read 3 Nephi 27 with them and committed them to baptism again, they said they will and Elder L and I feel they are committed to start acting! S has been going to seminary as well with one of her recent convert friends!

Anyways, there is something that I remembered today in district meeting that opened my eyes, and I remember hearing it a long while ago and it was a quote from C.S. Lewis on our potential as human beings... he said:
“It is a serious thing to live in a society of possible gods and goddesses, to remember that the dullest most uninteresting person you can talk to may one day be a creature which,if you saw it now, you would be strongly tempted to worship, or else a horror and a corruption such as you now meet, if at all, only in a nightmare. All day long we are, in some degree helping each other to one or the other of these destinations. It is in the light of these overwhelming possibilities, it is with the awe and the circumspection proper to them, that we should conduct all of our dealings with one another, all friendships, all loves, all play, all politics. There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal. Nations, cultures, arts, civilizations - these are mortal, and their life is to ours as the life of a gnat. But it is immortals whom we joke with, work with, marry, snub, and exploit - immortal horrors or everlasting splendors.”

It humbled me to remember that "As man now is, God once was. and as God now is, man may become". It humbled me to remember that EVERYONE we meet (The drunks, the hiding investigators, the nonresponsive people, the curious searchers, the elect) ALL have the potential to become Gods. It humbled me in the sense that, there are times which I fall short on loving everyone, especially when someone hides from us---to remember that Heavenly Father sees them as people who can become even as He is. I should never judge someone to be of any less worth than that.

That's also something that makes our teachings, and message, so uniquely different! It's so depressing to think that people believe that they will go to heaven and just be happy forever and sing and not remember anyone they met in this life.... it honestly just amazed me :)

Well,Whew, I think that may be enough... hehe... I don't want to use up all of your time in just reading my email- just wanting to let you guys know that it was an AWESOME week :) We are going to work even harder to improve all of the work here!
With Love,
Elder Morris

Haha, don't worry- I totally understand why you guys weren't able to email me last week, in fact I wasn't even sad ;) I'm really glad that you were able to go to Grandpa's funeral, Mommy! I'm also really happy that the house also didn't burn down while you were away hehehe!
I'm just glad that you guys are doing okay, I love to hear from you guys always!
Well anyways, as for this week, it has been really great! So obviously the first thing I want to share is that we had a baptism this last Saturday, for L H and R(the two cousins of a recent convert here named R)!! It was a really awesome experience! We even gave a topic to R so she could give a talk for the baptism, and it was really good! She was super nervous to give a talk, since it was her first... but did really good and the spirit was so strong! It's really great to see the changes that have been happening in their family because of this message!
This coming August 26th, we plan to have a Stake Baptism---we've talked to the missionaries and plan to have 14 candidates as a zone! Among those are Nanay B, and J- the two I've been telling you about. The P family is slowly being completed through the gospel of Jesus Christ :D

Actually, there is something that we decided to try this week in order to improve our work here in Mangaldan and make it more of a model area- so on the days that we go to Malabago, one of our areas, we will go in the morning to work in that area, eat lunch out there, and have companion study at a members home (Less active, or active) The idea is that we can even involve one of the members in our companionship study by having roleplays and discuss the things that we are studying! We figure that in doing so, that our work will be continuous from 10am-9pm... and it will open up a new area for us to work in in the mornings!
    And something else we are going to be doing is organizing a "special lesson" for the P family, where essentially we will have them call ALL their family members for a "special lesson", and then to have one of the recent converts share a message. What we may do then is go around and ask the family members (some of which are still non-members or are less active) and ask them what things they have been seeing change in the home because of the missionaries and because of the gospel. Elder L and I then will testify of the family and how important it is- and connect it to the gospel! 
    What we hope from that is to see their whole family become more closely knited to one another!!

Mangaldan zone is picking up speed! Last week we had 78 investigators come to church as a zone- and we are really going to push to have that magic number of 100!!! But that'll come through time and us really pushing ourselves as mi
Love you guys so much,
~Elder Morris

Elder Morris
Philippines Urdaneta Mission

PS---I don't have any pictures for this week as I left my card reader once again at the apartment, but these were sent to my by the Dagupan missionaries--Nanay T finally got baptized :D :D
I also heard news that B A is the new Gospel Principles teacher in Bugallon as well, that was way exciting!!