Sunday, February 19, 2017


Don't cry Mommy--but he's not a super huge LOTR freak like our family! But he's super cool :D
Thank you SO much for all your letters, and I'll try to respond shortly to each of y'alls letters :)

Hannah! IT SO WEIRD THAT YOU'RE DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL... you have fought the good fight, you have kept the faith xD Keep being awesome, you're helping people a whole lot with what you're doing! Love yah! :D

"The Guy without a Picture"! Mr. Beansprout, it sounds like you're having a great time with life... sadly our caretaker killed our spider one day... but he didn't know it was ours xD Tell Madame that French class was super fun for me (Although I've forget every bit of french that I ever knew...)!! You could even mention to her that I've eaten dog if you want ;) Anyway yah terror of the road... be safe! Stay swaggin man, love yah!

Dexter! It's so good to hear from you even though it's been a while! I hope that you resolve to stay on the right path always, I remember all the good times that we've had and can't wait to see you too! Love you man, take care out there! (Also do you remember us laughing a TON at saying "true... true".... well one of the other Elders says that a bunch and I always remember the time that we said that a bunch)

Peter! Keep writing your stories and developing that talent... it's really an awesome one! You're the "bunso" (which in Tagalog means "youngest sibling") so keep being a goof :) Youk're getting all old now too!

Adam! It's so awesome how much you care about the sheep- that's something that I really look up to in you- so keep that up :) I'll see you in November, which is only some 9 1/2 months away xD You're such a cool kid- keeep on coolin' Love yah man!

Dad! I really appreciate how much you do for our family- I want to also let you know that I use your conversion story at least once a week to help people better feel the spirit :) I hope that work and things work out.... so just keep being a great father! Love you!

And Mommy! I wish I could thank you enough for raising me right. You're reward in heaven truly will be great for all the hearts you touch :) Don't get tired of what you're doing!!! And can you name one of the sheep "Philip" for me!?? Thanks
Elder Morris

This week has been pretty awesome, and we've been working pretty tough! Elder A is a really cool companion (like I said he's 6 foot 5... so when him and I are walking we ALWAYS here people make comments on our height...which actually gives us a pretty sneaky spot to start talking to them >:))
There was something pretty funny this week (THOUGH DON"T JUDGE US) Elder A said that his feet were getting kind of gross so we went and got pedicures at the market for like 50 Pesos (which is about 1$)... we didn't get them painted, but I have to be honest, we got some pretty swaggin feet now xD There was one Elder in my apartment who kind of laughed at us because we went ahead and got our feet cleaned... but I don't think he has any room to laugh at us because our feet look way better than his!! Anyways though... I think I would only do that when I have like super dirty feet or something.
Something else that happened this week which was really fun is that the Dagupan 6 Elders had a "baptism" (One of their recent converts baptized his son) and we were invited to attend since we were working we went, and it turned out that there was no water in their font so we walked nearby to a small river! It was a really cool experience... I don't think I'll ever experience doing that because most buildings here have fonts, but they got to do it in this river!
What else happened this week? We've just been working our butts off teaching lessons and stuff, but it's been really fun :) We have a baptism coming up on February 18, so it's going to be pretty fun! Her name is A... and she's totally golden!
There is also an investigator we met who is SO golden named M and he literally just showed up to church randomly and said he wanted to be baptized so we've been teaching him a bunch!
     So really what I've been seeing are blessings because of our obedience and hard work-and we'll keep trying our best to fulfill this calling!
Anyways, that's all---love you guys! Thanks for the support that you guys give me :D

Elder Morris


Also, could you guys follow up with the bank on my debit card so I can know if it's on it's way or something? xD

Also, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

Love you guys!

This is kind of short- Sorry! I don't have much time ^ y'all didn't get one to me---but that's okay :) We had an awesome week this week!!
My week has been pretty fun! It was just a really fun week and I know that we worked really hard! One of the most awesome things that happened is with one of our investigators, brother M who we've been trying to teach a bunch (but he studies so we usually teach him two or so times a week)-- but I've really been teaching him because it just feels like he's been being prepared for the gospel!! He felt so bad that he missed church this last week because he slept in--- but we taught him all about the word of wisdom and stuff and he immediately followed everything we taught! :) I think the only thing that might be a challenge is the fact that his parents are active Iglesia ni Cristo and are pretty against the church. So if y'all could pray that his parents would be softened and let him be baptized, that would be awesome :) Something else is that this Saturday A will be interviewed for baptism, which I don't have any worries about! (We only moved it because we have to finish all the lessons before baptism--)
Anyways though, we went to the Stake Center this last Wednesday for a tri-zone conference, and I learned a bunch and had a fun time seeing some old friends from my last two areas :)
Other than that, we're still working hard and trying to do awesome in the area! Love you guys so much,
~Elder Morris