Sunday, August 6, 2017


My umbrella got left in the APs area last week, and then it rained for like 5 days in a row- so I took this HUGE umbrella from our apartment and used that instead---man some people got a huge laugh out of it :D

Good Afternoon! I figure that you guys are doing something fun, so that's why you haven't had time to email---I'm grateful for the opportunity once again to email you about my week- it's been really good and I've been learning a lot from Elder L... however we seem to have been having a drought of ISMs, so something that the two of us discussed in our weekly planning was what we can do to increase the ISMs. We feel most of what we can do is to extend BOLD, DIRECT, and LOVING commitments to them to come to church. Something we are also trying to do it find the members that are close to these peoples homes, bring the member as a fellow shipper, and then have the member bring the investigator to church. We expect to see some results this week through these efforts! Our two investigators as well, R and L H, have prepared themselves for baptism and passed their interview this week! :D It was really awesome, and they are ready to be baptized... they have a strong support system of active members in the family and many good friends at church!
We are also focusing on their Nanay, B... she is really kind and wants to be baptized, but seems to be having concerns about what people will think about her... so we're addressing that concern!
There are totally investigators with a LOT of potential, we just need to help their faith increase more so they will come to church! There are investigators we are teaching who have read in the Book of Mormon and applied the invitation to "ask of God", and they believe this is true (It's even a testimony builder for me too, because as missionaries we have the wonderful opportunity to really see the Gospel take effect in peoples lives and watch as the promises of old are fulfilled in lives of people of our time)---I think then it comes down to what we heard in the Zone Conferences... "Therefore What??" We want to really help them more to understand WHAT it truly means when they come to know this is true!
Sometimes I feel like I'm struggling in the work here, but I always feel a boost of strength when I remember how many people are actually on my side and helping me to succeed as a missionary! :)

As for the zone, we had a drop in pretty much all areas of the work this week (Though it may just be because of the rain, and because of Zone Conferences)---which is pretty saddening, but as a zone we have been baptizing over 4 every week since I got here, which is something really cool to see :) I think that we just need to apply your direction in helping people come to church, and the fruits will follow- Elder L and I will be sure to do our part!

And as for Elder L, he's a really great companion and has a lot to offer as a missionary and a friend to me! It's so cool to think that no matter how long I may be or will get in the mission there is ALWAYS so much I can learn and apply! Elder L is becoming a good Zone Leader here in Mangaldan!

I can't wait to see what this coming week brings, #praying for miracles!
Love you guys so much, seeya soon!

~Elder Morris

Those pictures are SO AWESOME!!! You guys are SO WHITE xD I think I just say that because the only white people I see here are the occasional foreigner missionary!!! That beach looks like so much fun, it's awesome that those horses aren't like terrified by people! 
I hope that you guys keep doing awesome :) I love to hear about you guys and how things are going back home, it's weird to think how much some things have changed, and how some haven't! It's been like 20 months since I came out here, it's so fun :D
In face, this has been a really interesting week, rather busy--but enjoyable! So first, I just want to tell you guys about the Sister we were talking about, the one who is trying to bash us with anti-mormon doctrine. Well, we went back there and she asked us if we know who Solomon Spaulding is- we said we didn't (of course) and she said that he was the man who wrote the Book of Mormon!!! (Whaaat??) I was really really confused... so I looked up his name in
Turns out he wrote a book about Romans who somehow got trapped on the American continent- it literally has nothing to do with the Book of Mormon. Long story short, there isn't anything that can prove the Book of Mormon false or that Joseph Smith isn't a prophet... why? Because it's all true :)

Anyways, we're still working with them some, haha. Something that gave a big jump in the work there is that they told us we don't need to pray to prophets and apostles, we found out that when we said na "Ipagdadasal niyo ba si Joseph Smith kung totoong propeta siya". THey thought we meant they would pray to Joseph Smith. We cleared that up and made sure they know that they will pray and ask Heavenly Father if Joseph Smith is a true prophet.

Anyways though, Nanay B P (the grandmother of some recent converts here) committed to baptism this last week and they all came to church as a family! Which was so awesome, we're really focusing on them and trying to help them- Nanay has only a few concerns with what family members and friends will think; but we're not worried, she knows this is true! :D That whole family is really really awesome, and we're trying to help them the best we can!
   We had another really really neat experience with a newer investigator, J- we've taught her only a few times. Elder L gave her the commitment to pray about Joseph Smith during an exchanges, and they wrote the commitment in the pamphlet; we went back this week and she told us straight up that he's a true prophet.
  She told us that after the missionaries left she read the pamphlet and when she saw the commitment, she remembered it and tried it! She told us "At first, I didn't think he was a prophet....but I prayed and I KNOW he is." She even talked to her sister about it and invited her to ask God as well! We're going to focus on them a lot as well and help them to come to church this week!

Out other investigator, S.. who hasn't been married yet and has been going through some relationship troubles came to church as well. We gave her a copy of the family proclamation and they have been reading it! I hope that brother starts having a change of heart!

Well, that's about it, we're just working hard and trying to help everyone to work hard :D #Lovin'beingamissionary! 
Love you guys so much, 
Elder Morris

I heard from Elder G that they got baptized :D :D :D This is the golden investigator family I was telling you about! Her husband isn't baptized yet because he's just not home enough to be taught that quick, and their youngest daughter is only 6... but that's them!
Haha, it makes me want to cry--they were such a miracle to meet!