Sunday, January 22, 2017


My week is very simple! We had a really fun time in all the things that happened... so one of the awesomestest things is the fact that we went bowling this last Monday here at the mall... it was really fun. It was the last P-day of my companion, Elder C! He actually went home just earlier... so here is also one of the last pictures that I have with him... it was actually really sad to see him go. I think that he was one of my favorite companions so far in my mission :D
I hope that you guys remember Canon, the spider that we had caught over a month ago when Elder C's camera totally fell into the fish pond.... so she's been growing and just this week we fed her a small lizard and she literally sucked it dry! That's the reason why I have such an awesome picture! :D

I have a pretty interesting story about why I have a picture with all those kids in the middle of our place called Tukok... so I was actually there and saw my first cockfight. It was just these two old men who had decided to fight their two roosters (don't worry it wasn't how other people do it... there two didn't fight super rough because I guess sometimes when they do that... they literally like tie blades to the roosters feet so it fights better) and so as I'm starting to take a video of this... this huge group of kids just comes out of nowhere and jumps into the vido --- I'll try to send it this coming week--- so I decided to get a picture of that :) I feel like it kind of gets an idea of how it is to be out here among such people... there are some people who have really nice homes and some who live in a little more than concrete walls and a tin roof.

Sorry this email is kind of short- but I'm so happy to be able to share all of my stories and fun things that have been happening :) Though I wish I could cover even 1% of all the things that happen!

Love you guys so much,
Elder Morris

I used the staples to fix a tear in my shoes and then flattened them some so it doesn't do anything to my shoes... I'm gonna use these shoes out before I get new ones :) Which aren't super expensive! However, if it's okay with you guys--- when my debit card comes I'm going to withdraw some money to get a suit made here (because Dagupan is the only place here that has people who do that)--- it'll probably cost between 4,000 and 5,000 Pesos... which isn't even 100$ for a handmade tailored suit in the Philippines :)


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