Sunday, January 15, 2017


I wish I had a ton of time to reply to everything... but I don't. So I just want to say how happy I am to have heard about everything that has happened this last week! It sounds like there are tough things that have happened... and I'll be sure to remember everyone in my prayers. :) It makes me so happy to hear about life changing experiences. Don't worry Dad about the firewood--just endure this one winter you guys :D I'm honestly looking foreward to being able to cut wood again (not sure though if it's because I love the outdoors or if I just really want to get rid of this rice gut)!! And take care, Things will all work out for the best :)
Adam, good job for taking care of the animals! Even if it means getting a bump of your head from the horse xD
Peter, looking like a swagger in those glasses!
Hannah lookin' like a nerrrrd ;) But an awesome nerd!
And goooood job Mommy for running 8 miles a day... that sounds really hard! :O
I dunno what happened to Jacob- but wherever you are... keep being weird :D
If you don't understand some of the pictures I took... feel free to ask questions ;) yes, we totally went fishing and that is what is called a bangus. (NOT pronounced bang-is)

And there is another picture of Balut... one of my favorite foods out here! ;)

We also ate at this little kids style restaurant that served really good food... so there we are sitting at this tiny table xD

So overall, my week has been just insanly crazy and SO MUCH FUN. I don't think that I have ever had so much fun in my life :) Every day I'm learning more and getting to meet new people and everything! Sure it's hard... nobody ever told me this would be easy, but it's still just so wonderful! :D

Love you guys so much, take care y'all crazies!!!!
~Elder Morris

I wish that i had a whole lot of time to email and tell you guys all about my week--- we are going bowling today with Elder C to celebrate his LAST P-day here in Dagupan and on his mission! It totally means that we are going to enjoy it with him!

Something we did earlier as a zone was what is called a "Boodle Fight" I'm not entirely sure what it means... but basically we made a big table and put rice and other food on banana leaves and then ate with our hands. It was actually SUPER fun, I think that something that I'll have to do when I get home is teach y'all how to really eat rice and things with your hands :D

Also, we had apartment checks this week- so we took pictures with all the Elder and Sisters so that you can see them :) The apartments I am glad to say are pretty clean!
Love you guys so much!
Elder Morris


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