Sunday, March 26, 2017


Thanks so much for the update, it's really awesome to hear yet again from all of y'all!
That rat that you killed is SUPER HUGE... I've only seen a few that big since coming out here on my mission- it's a good thing that you mangaged to kill that thing. Ew. And it's so sad that a bunch of those little chicks died... but happy that there were the start of lambs! I think it's funny that I love to hear so much about how the animals are doing--thye're so fun!
So this week was pretty awesome—I think that it was actually a really good week although in all honesty it was fairly exhausting! The big challenge that we had faced was that I wasn’t 100% familiar with the area and so this week was a whole lot of becoming familiar with the area and meeting those people who we can! It was actually a whole lot of fun although lesson wise it was quite tough :P But anyways, Elder L is a really awesome missionary and something that I really have been coming to appreciate is the attitude that he has in setting goals for the week- what I learned is that setting challenging goals sets us up for performance. It’s the whole concept of shooting for the moon and landing among the stars. So that’s really going to be the focus that we have for the area, to make it a progressing area! Part of that is just working really hard, so Elder L and I have rightly named this coming week “knockout week” because we’re going to really push ourselves despite the zone conferences this week!
We’ve also been discussing the zone and have come up with some really good ideas that we feel will help the zone to progress!
We were kind of bummed at the fact that we didn’t really have any investigators come to church, but we aren’t worried about that- because we believe that the success will come  Especially considering that the members here in Bugallon are actually really quiet in waiting for the start of sacrament meeting and though the whole meeting. So it’s usually a really good environment for people to come and feel the Spirit and the truthfulness of this message!
Other than that, we have really just been focusing on finding new people, and this week is really going to be finding finding and more finding! There was actually this one pretty funny story that I think you guys would love to hear about- so of course my companion is Elder L (the one who lives like 5 minutes from Hobbiton) and I learned something super funny about the Elders here in Bugallong—we have to be some of the nerdiest people on the planet! I mean one night we got back and I discovered that all 4 of us just LOVE Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Marvel superhero movies. It had to have been the funniest moment of my week when we discovered all of that!

We’re really excited for this week :D But that’s got to be it for this week! Love you guys so much!
~Elder Morris


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