Sunday, March 19, 2017


Oh man! I totes remember Ella the dog---that's so funny that you guys just totally adopted that dog xD I cannot believe at all the totally random assortment of animals that are just wandering around the farm out there got sheep, horses, goats, rabbits, chickens, dogs... what else?! It just must be so fun! Anyway, Oakli totally emailed me and told me about that YSA dance in Fredericksburg and how Dexter and Hannah apparantly danced their hearts out, and that sounds so awesome- Thanks so much for the updates, cuz they literally make me so happy to hear that things are still going really happy back home in good ol' Woodstock Virginia!
Well, this week has really been pretty crazy! So I guess the biggest thing that I want to share is that you remember how last week I said that Elder J was my new companion?? Well it turns out that he's been here for 6 months and was only my companion for a whopping 13 days-- earlier today, the Assistants to the President came by and picked him up and took him to a different area. So I officially have a new companion, Elder L! He's from New Zealand and is about 19 months in his mission-- it's so funny because he was my Zone Leader back in Tayug, and now he's my companion here in Bugallon- and we're BOTH ZLs now! Which is totally awesome, it cracks me up because there are two of us foreigners and for some reason everyone is just AWESTRUCK when they see foreigners so we get "hey Jo"d all the time... by like everyone! It was a pretty fun 13 days with Elder J, especially since he helped me to memorize the area so that I can now help Elder L in this area!
This area is pretty nice, it's going to be a challenge though right now to adjust and really get to know everyon- but we can do it :) This last week we taught a new investigator named R R, he's so cool-- I guess the Elders met him like 2 weeks ago while playing basketball and for some reason he was interested by what we were doing and wanted us to come back, so we did and he was SO AWESOME. I mean it was just a really powerful lesson and we could really feel the spirit. It's really cool as well because he's 18 years old and we can tell he's in a very big decision point in his life! So we're going to help him to make that decision!
Something else that happened this week is that Elder J got bad LBMs and so we couldn't work until the afternoon because he felt pretty sick- I felt kind of bad for him, we think that it came from some bad chicken. The good news is though that he is better now and has transferred to a new area :D
Other than that, we expect to be having a pretty fun week and are really going to be finding new people to teach :D
Love you guys so much,
Elder Morris

ps- Happy Bday Dad! I hope you and Mommy both know that when I get home--- I'll just call you Tay and Nay xD

 That one pic is Isaw- or Barbequed chicken intestines.... delicious :D

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