Sunday, November 6, 2016


I'm sorry guys, I don't really have time to be able to email... so this is gonna just be a quickie and an update from my week! Is that Filipino lady in the ward still fluent in Tagalog??  Because I would LOVE to just get home and talk so someone in another language so that you guys won't understand a thing :D :D It sounds like you guys have had a really awesome Haloween! (We don't celebrate it here...) and just an overall awesome week!  

This has been a CRAZY WEEK! So... last Monday evening the APs called us and told me that I would be transferring. On Tuesday afternoon I transferred to DAGUPAN CITY and have been called as a Zone Leader. But before that... on Tuesday Morning (Because I finished packing) we went quickly with some of the members to the awesome waterfall in Natividad to kind of just say goodbye to the members and stuff. It was a SUPER beautiful waterfall! But that's all I'll say because the rest can be seen in my pictures :D
So anyway, I got picked up and taken to Dagupan City that afternoon. This is kind of the main city in Pangasinan and has some 18 total missionaries working within it's boundaries! And my new companion is named Elder C. He's from Manila, and is fluent in English. I wish though that y'all could here his accent, it is almost like an old italian mafia boss. Not gonna lie... I wish I had his accent :D It's so fun here in Dagupan, it's actually not even that hot! And we've really been working hard to get our lessons and work here (because most people aren't even home... lots of people doing all their work) But I've been meeting some really nice people and members, this ward has some 140+ members and a LOT of them can speak English pretty well :) That's all good though, I haven't been being troubled too much with the language! 
Anyway, something we are working on is getting ready for All Saints Day. (most people dont really celebrate Halloween like in America) It was really interesting, because they actually celebrate here on November 1st though I don't really know why! So we're planning to do as much finding as we can on Tuesday and Wednesday! (We have a curfew those two nights at 6pm so we will start working at 8pm)
I met this totally crazy lady the other day who told me all about that "mormon mafia" and I died laughing. First it was that, and then she kind of "lost it" and started talking about how she believed in Illuminati. She talked about how you can't believe the big media because they're corrupt (which I'm not saying is all false...) and that all she reads is online. (Not everything you read online is true...)

Mom, I had a really really neat experience this week in teaching a member. This Sister has 2 kids, her husband just got recently converted and they have plans on getting sealed next year and then expressed concerns for trials that they are starting to face. As I was hearing the situation of they lives, I realized that they're story was very similar with you and Dad! I hope that you don't mind that I told this Sister your story because it really helped her... we talked a lot abuot the trials that come in the face of great spiritual events. And that is something that I noticed is a really big pattern, there is always some sort of push from satan before there is something of spiritual significance! Take the first vision for example...

Anyways, I am loving it here so far in Dagupan, in fact... they call it the "promised land" of The Urdaneta mission. Not because of the work... because the missionaries get fed a LOT here ;) But other than that, it's just another area.... only city and with a lot of people.
Sige. that's all! See y'all some day :D I'm loving it so much here in the Philippines... it's just amazing how much this is changing my life. I guess that I will be able to understand the viewpoints of others because this is going to change the choices I make for the rest of my life!
Love you guys,
~Elder Morris~

PS- My first day here I found the BEST construction company with one of the worst names ever!. A.S.S.... who names their company that?!\
PSS- We also went to a birthday for Geru. One of the CUTEST LITTLE KIDS ON THE FACE OF THIS PLANET!!!

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