Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Dear Family
First things first... that 'cold oatmeal' that you saw in my last email is actually called Lugaw. It's rice that you cook in a lot of water and it makes it almost like a soup, you then mix things like garlic, pepper, ginger and other spices. It's actually SUPER delicious...maybe I'll cook that as well when I get home!!!
Congrats Adam on being able to pass the sacrament for the first time... that's one of the best responsibilities, I feel, because you are helping people to renew their covenants with God :)
It's always so fun to me to hear about the news from the farm and all the happy experiences that you guys have been having, and sometimes sad for the hard times. But such is life, right? :) 
If you want to know something interesting... here in the Philippines they don't celebrate it on October 31st! They actually celebrate it on November 1st. Weird right? The culture here is really different... but it's fun. I think it's going to be weird to eventually go back home and realise how different the cultures really are!!! :)P
Anyways, I should probably talk about my week... I think that the biggest news for this week is the fact that my companion, Elder A going to be training a new missionary which means that sometime this week I will be being transferred to a new area!! President D also told me that this coming transfer I will be called as a Zone Leader, which honestly shocked me because I frankly don't feel like I could fill those responsibilities. But it should be a pretty fun adventure and I'm sure to learn a LOT of new things about myself! So I think that this coming email ought to be pretty interesting!
Anyways, this last Tuesday we were hit by another Bagyo, though it wasn't really strong where we were... just strong wind. I think that we were lucky though in not being wrecked by one of those storms. There wasn't any sort of cleanup work that we had to do. I'm just glad that the people here in Tayug were all safe and that all of us missionaries were quite safe! 
This week we have a really neat story in the fact that we attempted to hold a sacrament service in Santo Domingo (It's kind of far from the chapel and there are a lot of less active members) and it turned out to be amazingly successful! The less active families were almost all able to come to church and feel of the spirit. As well as two of our investigators from Santo Domingo who are actually really really kind to us.... they are these two Nanays who are really open to the missionaries! :) Actually, I was rather shocked yesterday in our Tayug service and our Santo Domingo service because President E literally called me out of the congregation to give a talk! (Elder A told him that he will be training and that I will be transferring... so he decided to just call on me to talk). A lot of people seem to think that missionaries are really good public speakers and don't get nervous or anything... I talked okay but honestly I was super nervous for some reason xD It went okay though, and I realized while talking how awesome members of this church are! But other than that, it was a pretty normal Sunday!
My funny moment (and kind of sad this week) came when we went to a less active sister named C and were about to share when her husband comes around the corner of the house.... and he was LASING. or drunk. I mean this man could barely even walk he was so out of it.
This man for some reason gets SUPER friendly when he is drunk and it was one of the weirdest experiences of my life... especially when he comes up behind me and Elder A and....and... kisses us on the cheeks. I got kissed 5 times on my cheeks by a drunk man (Elder A got kissed on his cheeks 4 times... one being scarily close to his mouth). I mean we didn't really move or anything because Nanay told us that when he's drunk... he can become very mean very quick.  It was quite frankly an awkward experience but by the end I had an even deeper conviction to follow the Word of Wisdom as long as I live xD I can officially say that I have been kissed by a man... on my mission... *shudder*
Anyways though, I really did enjoy this week... even though it was kind of crazy or stressful at parts. But that's life, it's a rollercoaster!  
Our successful part from this week is with the teenagers and kids of less active members and for our investigators. It was that we printed these Book of Mormon reading charts for them to keep track of where they are in the BOM!
Anyways, I love it here! These week should be AWESOME!!!!
Sige...iyan lang :) INGAT KAYO hah??? :D I love you guys so much, take care all the way over there in Virginia!

~Elder "Philip" Morris~

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