Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Howdy do! This is going to be kind of short because me and my companion are going to SM Mall so that he can buy a camera (because his camera broke) and it's kind of far, so we gotta leave soon xD haha, I'm glad that I was safe too in the storm... but I'll tell you guys about that later in this email! It sounds like this week has been really great with a little bit of heartache thrown in... so awesome that you guys could go to Washington DC and learn so much about the different symbols and to learn more about George Washington! (Awesome by the way that pin that you sent me "Vote for George Washington"... the only sad part is that in the world how it is... I feel like he wouldn't be elected :P) I'm so proud of Adam for being such a good example . If there is something that I've learned here in the mission, it's how it feels to be among lost sheep and many of them enjoying the pasture away from our Good Shepherd. It's not something easy, but I've seen that with the right support and love, that things work out one day! Don't give up hope :)
I know that you have realized it, but it's something that we all see over and over again... that Satan will always push his hardest before something great happens! Example- The force that Satan used against Joseph Smith as he was praying before he saw our Heavenly Father. 
Anways though, I hope that things go awesome and that you will have a fun time dealing with the new alpacas! I cant wait to see them when I get home xD
Well.... I suppose that the biggest news for this week is the fact that we experience my first Bagyo (typhoon) since coming here on my mission. It wasn't super long, but we were locked down from early Sunday Morning to about 1pm. So church was cancelled and we had sacrament in our apartment! The rain and wind were SO STRONG that night (Saturday night) at like 4am and we got kind of wet. It was a pretty cool experience though, nobody that we know was put into danger and we were all safe! However, this morning our Branch Mission Leader texted and said that there is another storm coming this evening (though we don't know... #can't watch the news)
I was pretty bummed out though because we couldn't have church and couldn't take our investigators to church. But I suppose it's okay because we have next week to be able to do that!
         Anyways though, we had a really fun time this week in teaching and trying to keep doing our best here in Tayug! I'm officially 6 months here in the one area, which is super crazy and I totally feel like in the coming week or two that I will be being transferred :)p It has and still is such an awesome time being out here in Tayug in the Philippines and I've learned so much! My kind of sad story this week is when we were teaching this less active Nanay who hasn't come to church in so long and we found out that she has been smoking again! HAY NAKU!!! (Hay naku is kind of saying like... OH MAN... or GOSH DARN... or... I dunno) She's like 70+ years old we retaught the Word of Wisdom to her and obviously invited her to stop smoking so that she can be healthier!
And we totally made ice cream this week, it was strawberry flavored :D
Anyways, this coming week I'll hopefully have some crazier stories to tell and a little more time to email ;) INGAT KAYO! :D I love you guys so much! Thanks for helping to support me while I'm here on the other side of the world!
~Elder Morris

ps-We have a member who we totally asked to make neckties for us out of handkerchiefs (I dunno if that's right... I think that panyo is easier.)

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