Sunday, November 27, 2016


Dear family,
WOW, those are the BEST pictures... I love the one where you are shearing the sheep and he's got his head all sideways and the finger peace sign... it made me laugh! As did the video of all the sheep and stuff, I am not going to lie... it looks like the BEST mix of horses, sheep, goats, and alpacas in the world! It makes me kind of homesick though, like it's weird. I love those sheep xD
It's sounds like it has been a really good week for you, though of course stressful at times... I am glad however that things are going pretty well there :)  I really appreciate the emails and spiritual insights... and I'll be sure to keep those things in my prayers!
Anyways though, this has been a really awesome week and I have really learned a LOT from all the things that have happened! I can't believe though how fast this week has FLOWN, I swear it was just yesterday that I was here in CSI Lucao emailing home about my week xD I don't even really know what to say! 
My biggest highlight for this week is the fact that we went to Urdaneta on Thursday for our special conference and got to hear the message of Elder Cook to us here in the Urdaneta Mission (Sorry... there is not any news on the Urdaneta temple) though he did warn us that we need to be doing even better than we are right now... that the temple IS coming and that Pangasinan is going to have a temple at it's center, which means for us missionaries here that we are to prepare the land for the coming of a temple of the Lord. It was a really great time and I learned a lot.
~~Can I just say that Quentin L Cook looks wayyy older in person?? ;)~~
Oh, and he totally has soft old man hands... all of us missionaries got to shake his hands, along with Lyyn G. Robbins and Elder Shayne Bowen. It was just a really really cool experience and we all felt the spirit really well!
What else?? I got to go to the area of the Elders in Dagupan 6th Ward for a baptismal interview (Yes, there are 6 wards in this city and 3 buildings.... a LOT of members here!!!) But it was SO COOL because we had to take boats, but they weren't like the last ones out of like plywood... they were literally like carved from a tree trunk and had bamboo on the sides so it wouldn't be so easy to tip over (I was afraid that we were going to sink or something... it was a tiny little boat). It was actually a lot of fun, I honestly didn't think that I would have so many adventures on my mission! 
It's just been a really great week. Nanay T has finally come to church (T has been taught for a while and is progressing to a new baptismal date in December and Nanay wasn't progressing for a long time) but they both came. This old couple came to church and we really had a great time!
I think that this week is going to be a little less crazy, we have apartment checks... so Elder C and I will be going around to everyones apartment to see how clean they are. And tomorrow at like 5am we plan on going to the beach.... so hopefully I'll have some pretty great pictures! 
Overall I think it's been just another great week in Paradise, and I look forward to another great one :) Love you guys so much! Take care out there in good ol' Virginia!
~Elder Morris

PS- The first funny sign is the "Anay problem" which means termite problem... but someone putting an N in front changed it to NANAY PROBLEM... which is like saying old lady problem?
PSS- The other one that says "Bawal umihi dito, etc..." translates to
                 Not allowed to pee here
                     Only Dogs can pee here
                            Why? Are you a Dog??
And of course you can see the sketchy little canoe looking boat that is pretty much close to just sinking...

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