Sunday, June 12, 2016


Dear Family,

Yeah, the political situation here is really unique, I only know that because literally everyone here loves to talk about how the political situation is coming along! It's really crazy.
And WOAH. IT IS SUCH A SMALL WORLD. She is the Aunt of my companion, Elder A. He looked at this and was super shocked and then told me to to tell you to tell her to send him a package ;) It's so awesome that that happened!!! Also really great you could talk to Uncle L, I think that he served in Baguio mission... Urdaneta Mission used to be part of that mission but broke off and became its own mission some 3 years ago I think, but it really makes this crazy huge world seem so much smaller than it is!
You know what I think that there is only thing that I am going to need for the time that my birthday comes in new socks, because the ones that I have are slowly developing homes and rips that I fix up with the sewing kit... eventually I'm going to run out of sock to wear xD But then again, it might just be cheaper to buy them here! Anyway, I guess that I'll think about that and let you know next week if there is anything that I so desire from America! (Oh, how about a small American Flag?) ;)
I love to hear abouty how the home schooling is coming along... that sounds like such an awesome adventure! What amazing things that you can learn... truly learning at home really is the ideal place for you guys to learn about this world!
The really ironic part is that the second commandment that had been taken out is "Thou shalt not make any graven image" and so many houses have little statues of Mary that they pray to or pictures with recited prayers... it's really really kind of sad to be honest. Daddy told me that in one Swedish Lutheran Church they literally took out scriptures and replaced them with an asterick (this scripture does not conform to the doctrine of their church) and used the example in 1 Corinthians about baptisms for the dead. To me it's just a crazy world... but gratefully one day it'll have it's leader and king :)
Anyway, this week went really well!
So first is something that makes me so happy and was probably the funniest thing that has happened to me since I got here! So our apartment room is on the second floor of this small complex and the room beneath us had been empty since I got there... well this week we got new neighbors who moved in RIGHT BENEATH US.
You won't guess where they're from: hint: Not America or the Philippines....
They're from France.
So the husband is straight up French who doesn't speak any English or Tagalog... and his wife is a Filipino who doesn't speak English or French. So they literally communicate with hand gestures, simple words, and Google Translate. I think that here in the Philippines I have found someone who has found true love. It was just such a funny experience to me! The only sad part is that I totally forgot anything that I have learned from the four years of french in High School. Literally the only  thing I remember anymore is Bonjour. xD ANYWAY, one of these days we're going to strive to teach the wife and him... but I don't really know how on earth we'll manage to communicate with the Brother, it's not like we have a French Book of Mormon here in the Philippines or anything in French for that matter!!
Anyway, something else that was really fun this week is the fact that we were able to take part in the Brigada Eskwela here... or some big week long thing where people from all around go to the school in the Morning and do service. So two mornings we went to the public schools and did service like weeding the planters or painting what seemed like a million doors and rails. But it was really a fun time and a good bonding moment between me and the members. I love being here in Tayug, the members are so great! I really enjoy being able to get to know them and develop these friendships!
That's really all, the rest has been a regular work of finding more people to teach and striving to help them to come to church and keep the commitments that everyone seems to make but then never keep. That has really been my biggest hardship so far xD
No. I guess the hardest part on my right now is the fact that the little kids here seem absolutely relentless on pointing out that I'm an american and then yell whatever English they know... which can occasionally take the form of vulgar and very rude words. That has got to be the hardest part on my right now, because let's all be honest, I don't like attention at all. But you know what, I'm getting over that! I'm a missionary, it's quite literally my calling to get the attention of people and strive to help them to come unto Christ! Haha, what a fun part of missionary work! :)P
Anyway, I think that's really all I know what to talk about for this week... next week hopefully I'll have some exciting news, but I don't quite know yet :) 
It's so crazy to think that it's already JUNE. Time is passing so so quickly and to  be honest, I don't know how I feel about it xD Thank you so much for the pictures, I love to see how much everyone is growing up and the fun adventures that you guys are having back home!
Love you guys so much, I hope you have a great week :)
Elder Morris
ps- Sorry again for the few pictures... I haven't really been thinking about taking any. :)
The second one is the Tagalog alphabet... pretty crazy huh?


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