Sunday, June 5, 2016

5-30- 2016

Dear family,
I'm so happy to hear that the Wedding was a really special experience, it's so weird though because I was sitting there a few nights ago and I turn to my companion and say "My sister is probably getting married right now" and it was so funny to think about, because the time difference is so crazy here from there! It sounds though like it was a really really special experience, especially since Papa was able to be the one to do the sealing in the temple of our God :) I'm also really happy to hear about how awesome the home schooling is coming along... let's all just be honest, they're going to learn more and better stuff from homeschooling than anything they can learn in public schools... after all the home IS the best place for people to learn and grow! How is that all working, are you teaching them all of the math and all of the everything or what?
Oh well, I do hope that you guys are doing well there in good ol' America. WHICH just reminded me of a super funny story this morning in our district meeting. So I was chosen to pick my favorite hymn to sing at the start of our district meeting... and I had gotten the best idea, I chose 130.... or better known as the American National Anthem! It was great, we all stood up and put our hands over our hearts and I sung the National Anthem with a group of Filipinos... not going to lie, it made me kind of homesick, but it was a really fun experience! :)P
So, this week I guess has been pretty eventful... but there's not really a lot that I have to share. It's been a lot of lessons that we have been able to share! We have one investigator who is now progressing towards a baptism date and many others who we will be extending to this week. It's so awesome to be here in the Philippines and sharing this message to all of the people now here in Tayug! Something that I really want to share today is actually a really crazy story that I have had this week that proved to me that the Lord is preparing the hearts of people and will either lead us to them or lead them to us!
So this story takes place on Saturday as we were going out early in the afternoon before having MCM at the church at 4:30. And we decide to go to this part member family and investigator nearby the house, so as we're walking over to them I hear this man from inside some house a man starts yelling at us and pointing, saying things like "HEY MORMONS< MORMONS" and for some reason I got the feeling that I should go over there and talk to him, but sadly I ignored that in my thinking that it was just some drunk man (because it happens really often for me to be yelled at by some drunk Filipino) and we continued to the part members home. When we got there, the door was open and we stood outside yelling for them for like 10 minutes (because that's just how it's done here in the Philippines, you yell TAO PO to the home for them, it's kind of like saying, THERES A PERSON HERE.), (and we find out later that they both were home but for some reason didn't hear us... totally weird, right?) And so we decided to leave, and because MCM was soon, we were only really faced with two different choices: to take a trike to an investigators home, or to go home and grab our progress record... and for some reason we decided to go back to the apartment. So this is the crazy part, as we're walking by the same home from earlier... there is a family leaving and getting into a trike who stop us and we find out that they are members of the Jensen 3rd ward (my companion, Elder A is from Jensen 2nd ward) so we talk to them and find out that they're here visiting family.... in some 10 minutes they referred us to the family members who own that home, and 5 minutes later there we were teaching this completely new family close by to our apartment. That man who was yelling at us turned out to be a member from Manila visiting here, we had a lesson with that member present. And it's like they all listened really well and asked us questions... it was such a wonderful experience and built my testimony. I'm just grateful that the Lord gave us a second chance to talk to them and teach them this message. 
OH and I have another crazy story, we were teaching this other investigator and she asked why we don't do the cross sign and after answering that concern she shifted the conversation to saying recited prayers and praying to like the statues of mary and stuff. When we told her that it's worshipping idols and breaks the 10 commandments, she was kind of shocked and then brought us this Catholic Calendar that has the 10 commandments... there was no 2nd commandment and the "thou shalt not covet" was broken up into two different commandments. So what we did with her was then read in the Bible of the 10 commandments, and I don't think that I have ever seen someone look so shocked by that realization. That was just a funny moment!
But anyway, that's really the only crazy stuff that has happened this week, the rest has been the usual hard working missionary stuff!
I love hearing about how life is coming along back home :)
I love you guys so much!!
~Elder Morris~
ps- I think that this week I really have my favourite hymn "Master the Tempest is Raging" because I've found that in all the crazy experiences and happenings in this life... sometimes it can really feel like we're trapped in a tempest. But what it makes me feel is that truly no matter how rough the seas of life get, through the Lord we can find peace. And the peace that we find cannot be thrown over by anything, not demons or men or whatever it be. It's probably my all time favourite now :)


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