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July 17 2017 (June & July letters & pics)

July 17 2017

Hehe, that Burger King picture (of you with grandpa) looked so 80s ;) Those pictures are so awesome though!! :D I'm pretty sad that Grandpa has passed away and sad as well that I didn't get to know him better- but you know what? I know enough to know he was a good man! I'll have to ask him about his mission when I see him again!
It's so good to hear about the things going on back home, I hope that you guys keep doing great-- it's weird to think I have under 4 months before I go home. But don't worry: I'm not homesick xD I got an email from Sammy with pictures of when we were at a scout camp back in the day, and it made me laugh! I'm getting older, so is everyone!! I'll be sure to have some adventures with the "crew" when I get there!
   Anyways, those are some really awesome insights about Heavenly Father sacrificing his most obedient Son. It must have been hard, but I feel that although he was grieved, I imagine He was also very happy; because He also knew what Jesus Christ would do for mankind! It's so wonderful! I'm grateful to be a missionary where I get to serve and strive to represent Jesus Christ in all I do!

This week was really good! (Although I won't have pictures to send-- #forgot the adapter at home) This week has been rather interesting, since there is still so much work that can be done here in Mangaldan Zone- but we feel like we're taking big steps in helping the area progress. On Sunday we had four of our investigators come to church-- L, R, their grandmother, and !
It's funny actually, the grandmother of R and L is also the grandmother of two recent converts,  and she confessed to us that she is so happy her granddaughters are members of the church and said that maybe the day will come that she would be baptized as well (Though she isn't 100% sure yet). It was really neat though because we were teaching the Plan of Salvation and focused on how we have this time to prepare and repent, and shouldn't wait till tomorrow- I think that hit Nanay to a point and we can really see how, although she isn't quite ready, we see that there is progression in how she listens to the lessons and gives her own insights! It's so cool to see how the example of newly baptized members (and any member in general) can have a big effect on the family members!

S is also really cool (She's a girl btw... even though S is mostly a boys name). She's actually been being taught for over a year and really wants to be baptized, she's come to church a lot as well- she hasn't been baptized because she's not married to her live-in yet! But as far as we know they are really close to getting married now, like hopefully in this coming Month or in August! We're going to really help her get to that point (And strive to reactivate her live-in because he is kind of less active)

Haha, this week as well I felt challenged by some of the people we are teaching. There was someone we were teaching who kept trying to squeeze in things to attack Joseph Smith-- like how we were teaching BOM and how it was translated--and she suddenly butted in and said "Joseph Smith had a lot of wives, right?" and on another time... "I read that Joseph Smith was put in prison".
To both we ended up bearing testimony and challenging her to ask God.

But later I was pondering, and I wondered why I was NEVER bothered by plural marriage or that he was imprisoned-- I realized 1- He is a prophet. 2- Prophets receive revelation, so if he is a prophet, then plural marriage was revelation. and 3- Apostles & Prophets have been imprisoned countless times throughout the Scriptures.

But long story short: Joseph Smith is a Prophet. I too have prayed and asked God, he's answered me. It's true. Nothing can destroy or diminish that fact. :)

It's so much fun to be a missionary :D Love you guys!!

~Elder Morris

July 11 2017

OH SAY CAN YOU SEE BY THE DAWNS EARLY LIGHT...4 missionaries getting up at 6:30 to start their day and bring souls unto Christ? YES. I'm living it :D We had an interesting 4th of July- I withdrew a little bit of money so we could have some homemade burgers! It was pretty American. We even sung the American National Anthem even though I'm the only American in our apartment--it was fun :) I miss being able to be so patriotic~! There is an Elder in our Mission from Washington DC--he didn't want Filipinos to sing the National Anthem because I guess they don't do it justice :) Haha, I remember someone telling me that I would be "country sick"... and I think I felt it- I miss American soil! Anyways, 
It's so funny that there are "bigfoot" sightings in Virginia! When I go home, I'm gonna find him and I'm gonna go live with him in the mountains!xD

btw- Y'all are so redneck;) But it's AWESOME!!! Because all that meat would have been a total waste if you didn't bring it home!

Anyways, I guess there is a lot I could say about this week! Like how it was awesome, though pretty stressful! The only thing that may have made it stressful though is that we FINALLY moved apartments--- I'm not sure what to really say. But what happened is the Sisters moved apartments so they can be closer to their area, and we moved into their apartment (Whoever said that Sisters are cleaner than Elders must have lied... because their apartment was super Gross when we moved in---that and they left a million shoes...)
   Anyway, I can't judge them to much---we cleaned it up though and now it's pretty nice! :) What was pretty gross is I was going to shower in our upstairs bathroom when I noticed the water wasnt draining--when I took a hanger to the drain I managed to fish out like a pound of hair and grossness.
Too much xD

Anyways, I don't really know what else to say! We're spending a lot of time finding and trying to help people to see that this message is true- the progressing people we are working with right now are R and L, they are really cool- their related to R (The Recent convert who had the 18th birthday---we have a picture in the other email). So it's really cool! We plan to have their baptism this coming July 22nd- we're pretty excited! :D

The zone here is doing well, I guess I can say a little- there are 12 total companionships- so there are like 10 Elders and 12 Sisters in the Zone. It's pretty big :D The work in this zone has been slow for the past few weeks so our big goal is that we are going to help progress the work!
I'm loving it here! (Oh, I'm also the 3rd longest serving missionary in this zone---it feels weird to be regarded to as a "veteran) xD
Well, I love you guys! I'd say that I'll see you in 4 months---but I won't because I still have a lot of work to do in that time :D

One of the recent converts here had their 18th birthday, oh.... it turns out that a girls 18th birthday is a huge celebration here in the Philippines! :)P There was also a member here who we got to go to their mission farewell! Elder C is in the Quezon City North mission- he left on Friday! It was really cool, mostly because I remember back when I was entering the MTC!

July 3 2017

Well SHOOT... my brain farted. Because I had a layover in JFK back when I left home... so for some reason I thought that's where I was going home to... hehe... don't worry. I texted the Mission Secretary and he's gonna fix that. I told him Dulles instead. Hehehehe Sorry...

Anyways, it makes me really happy to think that Dad is going to have a new job that's close to home so that he can come home! That's such a blessing :D It's also great that Bishop Wright is going to have the opportunity to teach a religion class in the jail-- that's a pretty big blessing to Dexter and for the others there... that they would be able to learn how to change their lives!
It's just great to hear from you guys again-
I wish I had a ton of time to email and share EVERYTHING that's happened this week. But I don't have too much time and therefore am going to send the pictures and tell y'all how it's been!
So first off, Elder A is officially gone- he got picked up on Tuesday by President D and is now our Mission President's Assistant. I didn't have a companion until Wednesday afternoon (don't worry, we just had a tri-panionship for a day) and now I have my companion--
His name is Elder L from Mindanao! He's 21 years old and about 9 months in his mission... it's been a really interesting last few days with a whole lot of adjustments. It was especially confusing because we transferred homes---the landlord wanted us out on Thursday, so we left hehe. 
We're currently sleeping at a different Elders apartment because the one we are transferring too actually still has people living in it. But this week we'll be transferring homes again and be finally set!
I think those are the biggest changes and things that have happened--the baptism of C was successful! (I also got news that B was Baptized--and I had the pictures sent to me, so it's awesome) It made me really happy to see C get baptized because for a long time, his mom was the only member in their family. So to have one of her kids join the church was really a blessing (He's 10 years old... but really really short hehehe)

Other than that, we're just working hard as usual. Elder L and I are still the zone leaders here in Mangaldan... so I feel like I'm just gonna be here until November haha :) It's gonna be fun!
Love you guys, Amphingats! (You won't know what that means hehe- it's not tagalog. But it means take care)

Elder Morris
Philippines Urdaneta Mission

June 26, 2017

Don't worry Mommy, this is going to be a quickie- it's been a crazy week and the only way I know how to describe it is in a short email xD I hope that yalls week went as well as you make it sound!!! Those pictures are so weird because it just looks so clean and wonderful out there :)P It's gonna be a weird shift when i get back home! I'll explain more when I get there hehehe! This last week I got what missionaries call "the trunky letter" where it's basically information about home and about where I live and what the nearest airport it. I told them JFK airport :)
So in the next month or so there should be travel information... but we'll see!

I think I'm going to call this week- "the week of the shifting sands"!! So, I wish I would have SO MUCH to say about C and Js baptism and about how B's interview went--
But all I know is that the baptism was really good and that B passed the interview!
Because this last Wednesday we got a random call from the APs and I got called to transfer (lame, right??) Well, I'm in Mangaldan zone--still a zone leader! This is likely to be my last area!
And that's not all, folks!!! My new companion is Elder A, he is SUPER funny and awesome with people- and a really powerful teacher. However, President D came to our district meeting and pulled Elder A aside, when President came back in, he happily announced that Elder A is being called as the new "Assistant to the President" (or AP).

I don't have too much to say now, because that sums up the whole week! Oh- I forgot to mention that I got here and the missionaries are being kicked out of our apartment (which has AirCon might I add...) and so this week I'll be leading the new area... building trust with everyone...adjusting to a new companion... AND moving apartments.... AND being in charge of a baptism this Saturday.

It's gonna be busy :)P So this gonna be a short email, we got a lot to do today!!!
With Lots of Love,
Elder Morris

6-18- 2007
Well howdy howdy! Dad, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! Mommy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (AGAIN) Those sheep look SO CUTE :D :D :D Actually it was funny, I was on exchanges with Elder C and WE SAW A SHEEP here in the Philippines- he looked pretty miserable hehehe.
Anyways, it's pretty amazing that you've run 100 miles in a week! I sometimes feel like we walk that every day hahaha... just kidding... 100 miles is a really long distance! Congrats! Running a marathon sounds like a lot of fun! :D

For a quick update, I guess I'd better tell y'all about how my week has been! It was incredibly busy as we had exchanges with a companionship in the zone to help their area, we also had a Zone Conference in Lingayen. And on Saturday we spent almost the whole afternoon helping our Branch president to prepare little gifts for the Fathers on Fathers day! Oh, I also gave a Fathers Day talk in the branch, which was really fun--and I realized that being a father is just a different form of missionary work, where they can lead and help their children to know our Heavenly Fathers Plan!

   Anyways, the work here is still doing really awesome! This week J and C both had interviews for baptism and they both passed! So this coming weekend we will be blessed to have another baptism here in Bugallon- we are so excited to see that! Especially because last week C was having some doubts- but when the time came, we were able to talk to her and help resolve the concerns. Her reasoning came down to: I know the Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith is a prophet-- I need to be baptized!   She passed her interview with flying colors and is super excited for this coming Saturday!
Our other investigator, B, is going to be having an interview this weekend as well- which is going to be interesting. President D is going to be the one interviewing him because B has an interesting past-- but I'm not worried because B has been bringing forth fruits unto repentance!

We are so excited to see what's going to happen this week :D I wish I had some weird things to share- haha, I guess I'm just used to this culture now enough that there isn't anything weird :)P OH, I learned about something "superstitious" that's called Pasma. There are a lot of people here who don't shower at night because I guess they thing that after a really hot day, if you take a shower it can give you chills and kill you. I've been here for 19months and have showered *almost* EVERY NIGHT. I'm still alive ;) And for that same reason, a lot of people walk around with rags down the back of their shirts because sweat on your back can give you Pasma. 
I don't quite understand it, but I guess it's all good hehe :)P
Anyways, we're just doing awesome! Lovin' being a missionary :D Sorry this is short- but just be glad this isn't 2 sentances long ;)
Elder Morris

Sorry there ain't no pictures this week: I forgot my card reader back at home! But just imagine a picture of me holding a handsome goat!! xD

Elder Morris
Philippines Urdaneta Mission

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