Monday, June 12, 2017


Howdy do to you, family! It's great to know that y'alls be stillz alive out deer in good o Virginee! The pictures of the sheep are so awesome, Peter's got swag with the hat and his wonderful date ;) It's really neat to hear about what you've been trying to do Mommy about listening to church music and stuff at the start of your runs, and the strength that you have been receiving because of it!! It's interesting that you mentioned goals- because I was studying it the other day and I realized the reason why there ARE goals!
We set goals above our current capabilities to help them increase, and once our capabilities reach our goals- those goals increase! I felt that was something that can be applied in becoming perfect, we focus on those goals which increase our current capabilities :D

MOMMMMEEEEEEEE HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D :D :D You're an old lady now!
Haha, hope your birthday goes great- and don't worry if sometimes you feel like a bad mom, maybe just forgetful sometimes ;) But you're the greatest Mom ever, so don't get down on yourself hehe! 

Anyways, I guess I'd better let you know about how my week has been! In simple words- AWESOME!!!
So the first experience and probably the one most fun to share is that we had a  baptism this week for E! It was on Saturday in the afternoon (right before a mutual activity so all the youth attended as well) and it was so cool! E was so ready for baptism! We had also invited our investigators to come, C and S both came and said it was a really neat experience!
Hopefully you guys like the pictures, E is a really goofy person (and really short haha)! To get an idea, her testimony was really awesome after the baptism and then at one point she said "I'm grateful to God that he listened to my prayer and let the Cavaliers win the Finals" (Because I guess earlier that day or something, the Cavaliers beat Golden State in the NBA) It was just really funny! We are now going to be focusing on her mom and helping her to also progress :)

We have upcoming interviews this weekend for C and J- which is super exciting as well! They have been progressing really well and are ready to be baptized!!!
     We had a funny experience as well this week, so in case you don't know... our investigator B had a troubled past and a lot of regrets, but has been finding peace in this message. Well anyways, he had a long greasy ponytail when we met him and wore clothes that were kind of grungy.... yeah he's clean shaven now and has a neat haircut and new clothes! It was a pretty funny experience because we went to his house and I legit almost didn't recognize him because of his new appearance!!

I think that what's been helping us a ton in the work right now is the fact that Elder G is very enthusiastic and it has been rubbing off on me :D Haha, the work is good- although it's hot and humid now #rainy season

With Lots of Love, (HEY, don't count down the days until I get home--- (Btw, I saw my release date... it's Nov 8th... so like 149days.)) Haha, just kidding- I feel lukewarm about going home one day, as much as I miss you guys--being a missionary is so awesome!
Elder Morris Blue is an awesome color hahahaha

PS- OH, I totes forgot, I finally got a picture with a jeepney this week- we were sitting after the baptism and I realized that I never had a picture with one, so we took some! And then on the way back from a special broadcast in Aguilar the jeepney was full so Elder E and I got to ride on the back-- it was pretty fun! (Don't worry, we weren't in a ton of danger--the vehicles here do NOT move very fast, especially the jeepneys)

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