Sunday, September 4, 2016


Hi family!
Haha, it sounds like a LOT has happened back home over this past week! I hope that when everything was said and done... that it was a good week :) It's so awesome that you found this international market near to Sharp Shopper. I don't know this one recipe but it's super good, what it's called is ADOBO. You should look it up on the internet for a recipe (even better when it has pineapple chunks) and you use chicken meat. So for those foods you eat it with rice, I usually put it all on top of the rice and eat it.. super good!! I remember when we would just use soy sauce on the rice, I told a Filipino that and they were so shocked. Eating meat or things like adobo with it are super good. 
Ill look for other foods that you guys need to try ;) Like yes... the chicken feet!!!
 It's super sad that a bunch of the food storage got ruined by those moth maggots... I wonder if there would be a type of storage that would keep stuff like that from happening!!
It's really interesting what you said about what sin does to us, I know that you know this... but it's interesting to me how sin starts as a seed... like faith, and if we allow it to be nourished, it gets worse and bigger. But anyway, I'm just so grateful for repentance and the Atonement :)

Wow, it has been a crazy week! Too bad I don't have too much time to be able to email and tell everybody about it xD
 The biggest news is that we did in fact have three baptisms on Saturday for C, P, and I... I feel like they were really ready, despite how quiet they can be in the lessons. Their family are less active members and have started to come back since we began teaching them, so I feel like they are becoming a key for helping reactivate their families and other members that live in Santo Domingo!
    We also worked a lot this week in the bayan (town) Natividad. (So in our area we have 3 "towns" which are pretty big.... San Nicolas, Natividad, and Tayug.) and that was actually really fun! However the people that we taught either had a legit excuse or weren't really interested this Sunday and we weren't quite able to start having church there. So what we're going to do is try to work there for 2 more weeks and help the investigators progress and try again to start having a church service there in Natividad! I think that could really work :)
     There was one family that we met who were very receptive and open to us, and the Nanay or Mother told us basically why they were so kind to the missionaries and how she felt on the first visit.
             She talked about how missionaries from other churches would come to their home and be kind of serious and how she didn't really like that, because it was kind of uncomfortable... but feel really good with us. So they were taught a LONG time ago like in 1991 and the only thing that she could remember about the visits is how nicely she was taught and how the missionaries were "always smiling". And it did occur to me that people will often remember better how they were treated rather than what they were taught! So we found a family that I feel has a lot of potential, and is really investigating this now :D
        Ummmmm... I think that the pictures pretty much describe the rest of my week :)
Aight... take care y'all!!! :D I love you guys so much!
~Elder Morris
ps- YOU MENTIONED STRITES DONUTS...... it made me crave donuts so bad, I mean you don't even understand.
                                          I miss strites...  XD XD
ps- note the wrong spelling of "changed" in the 'ages of churches' picture under the first one. ;) That was in Natividad at a Catholic church. There are SO many of those here, and a LOT of Iglesia ni Cristo!

PSSS- I totally bought a hammock for like 200 pesos (about 5$) and hung it outside our apartment... it's a pretty awesome place to call my districk at night xD

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