Sunday, September 18, 2016


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THIS COMPUTER IS SO SLOW. I don't think I'm going to be able to send my pictures this week... I mean I have so many that I want to send. But I don't know if it's going to be able to send... so we'll see.
Anyways, it sounds like life back home is still doing really well... I loved to hear about how it's like having school starting again... I hope that things will keep going pretty well with that and all of the awesomeness with animals and stuff! I was super shocked this week when I had gotten the birthday package literally on Tuesday, so like 3 days after my birthday... it was some awesome timing!! I LOVED the things that you sent, probably the one favorite is that ugly face xD That and the sunflower seeds literally made my whole week so incredibly happy! :) I'm so happy to hear that life is going well back home, and hopefully the sheep will stop managing to get themselves killed... there is a reason why Jesus is our shepherd... because without him we all go and do stupid things that can end up getting us killed spiritually!
Mommy, that was actually a pretty neat analogy about missionary work and running and it totally makes sense! The results are almost never seen immediately, but as soon as you can start seeing the results, it makes literally ALL of it worth it... even though sometimes we get tired or don't always want to do it! So that was pretty cool :)
By the way, those pictures are literally the BEST. It makes me smile to just imagine how life is going for you guys back home!
Anyways though, I don't have too much time left, so I'm going to try to make this quick :)P Well, we took a lot of pictures, hopefully I'll be able to send some of them to you, but this computer is super slow... if it doesn't work this week, I'll just do that next week. But first things first, last Monday to celebrate my birthday we went with the two coolest members to SKY PLAZA! It was Tatay P and Tatay D, they are super cool... so we went there and had a pretty awesome time! It was such a beautiful view and and even more beautiful statue of Jesus Christ. We got pretty lucky though because when we got to the top we realized how quickly some heavy rain was coming so we literally booked it down the mountain. We made it to the trike just in time... literally we got into the trike and it rained super heavy. I was on the back and actually got super soaked, but it was all good and fun! :)
Something that Elder A and I have been doing a lot more is jogging and exercise because lets be honest, I was getting quite the rice gut... but it's getting better now :)P
Anyways though, this last weekend we had our Stake Conference, which was a really spiritual moment and I really learned a lot from all that happened and the talks. We even had one of our investigators make it and attended, which was super neat because Rosales is like 45 minutes away from us.
It's been such a fun week and we've really been working hard in teaching people and striving to help them to come closer to Christ, which has been a lot of work. But it's starting to really be worth it. I think that one of the best blessings so far from this work and being able to here in the Philippines is that I really get to know and love people! So many people here in my area are so humble and listen very well... it's so wonderful to get to know people!
 That's something that I really discovered has changed a lot in me in the last 10 months of my mission, that I've become much more open to people... haha, it's super fun! I've met some of the coolest people since coming here on my mission!
 Totes reminded me to say that my Zone Leader is from New Zealand and I was talking with him the other day when for some reason Lord of the Rings came up and I totally discovered that he lives like 10 minutes away from Hobbitton. You guys would love talking to him so much... I mean it was super cool, his FAVORITE authors are JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis... so that was super cool. The only thing he really is missing is a strong American accent and patriotism... but other than that, he's super chill! I feel kind bad though haahah, because I got distracted from the work for like 20 minutes talking about how awesome Lord of the Rings is and the books!
Anyways, that's my week is was super awesome! And I feel that this upcoming week is going to be just as great :) Though I may end up transferring... I don't quite know yet xD But it's been such a fun time here in Tayug and I've really grown so much spiritually (and physically... haha). I can't believe that I'm now 10 months into my mission.... what the heck?! I'm coming up on 1 year. I would never had expected this to fly by so fast!!
Yup, take caare y'all! I lvoe you guys so much and am keeping you in my prayers :)

~Elder Morris
Ps- my other pictures all got deleted (so I bought a new sd card while my pictures are being restored) so can you do me a favor and send me all the pictures I send you from my baptisms... because I'm wanting to print them off and glue them into my journal so I can have remembrance!

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