Sunday, August 21, 2016


Hi Family!
Haha, hopefully today or tomorrow I will go into the nearby optometrist and inquire if I could get glasses and the exam and all that stuff here... I don't think that it should be too much of a problem! Well, i don't think I've riden in a Jeepney since last week... here in Tayug there are only really tricycles. Which is really interesting, so we ride trikes or walk everywhere! (when taking trikes I basically have to be carefully because a lot of them try to make us pay a lot more because we look rich xD) But that's our life... I'm sure you've seen pictures of the tricycles... they kind of hurt because they're made for people with Filipino height... not 6 foot tall people xD
Anyway, I am happy though to hear that life is still being really good for you guys, I LOVED to hear about the yard crawl and with the visit from Grandpa and Grandma. What probably made me the happiest was hearing about the farm and those adventures, I'm happy to hear that things are improving with the animals and even happier that the boys have taken over completely my butchering job. It's so funny how in the world so many people are so grossed out by that but then there are people like my family who it's kind of just a part of life xD
Anyway though, I hope that things keep getting better and that things keep being happy :) I loved hearing about how life is for you guys :)
Something that a member said this last sunday for some reason had really got my thinking... we all know that in the last days war is to be "poured out upon all nations" and something that they said got me thinking. That as well as it might be the literal bloody wars of guns and weapons... but I think that it also includes the wars that occur on other fields. In words, in opinions, in actions. I mean think about it! I'm sure there are more court cases and arguments now that at any other time in the world... the political field might as well be a battlefield. So that was just interesting, some thoughts on the last days prophecies :)P 
This week has been just another great week here in the Philippines, it's been kind of an interesting last few days because it's been raining literally all day... but that's not bad at all because it makes the sleep here SO nice because it's kind of cold at night :D 
It's been a lot of work, but I'm so grateful to be here in Tayug... because I feel like there really is a reason as to why I am assigned here :) My companion Elder A is really awesome, though he doesnt' speak a lot of English so it's always language study as we're walking and talking... trying to always use the other language. But it's so fun, we meet a whole lot of cool and fun people here!
Like just the other day we got to meet and teach this one family who does their own tailoring from home, like making clothes and getting them fit and everything... so because I still wanted another pair of pants... I ordered some custom tailored pants, which ought to be ready this week (not expensive at all here :)) But I think that I shouldn't need any more new clothes at least for a few more months when my socks are all 'holy' and stuff... which is nice. I'm actually surprised at how much walking we do, which doesn't do to much damage... it was the bench in the home of a recent convert out of bamboo which ripped a big hole in one of my old pants, because of the nails xD
Anyway, I got really sad this week when J (our huge potential investigator) told us literally like 3 days before her interview that she's not actually married but planned to get married after her baptism and Elder A and I got pretty bummed, so it has to be pushed back... but we're trying to help her and her "husband" to plan out their wedding and stuff. But that's kind of difficult.... so divorce here is not actually a thing (they have annulments but that's super expensive).. .which means that they cannot be married again unless their spouse dies or they get an annulment. The thing that they need to do is go to some place and obtain a CENOMAR (which is a Certificate of No Marriage) and then they could get married, so that's what we're trying to help and encourage them to do :)
Anyways, I had a pretty neat food experience... I ate sugar cane like a Filipino this week. So you have you use your teeth to kind of peel off the bamboo like outer layer... and then you can chew on the inside to get the sugar juice or whatever that's called. It was actually super sweet and delicious!
I love being here in the Philippines, to be honest it sometimes seems unreal to me to be on the other side of the world and sharing the gospel... but it's the best calling and opportunity that I've had in my whole life :)
I love you guys so much, I would say that I miss you guys... but let's be honest... I'll see y'all again fairly soon ;) So yes of course I miss you guys, but I'm not homesick... if that makes sense xD
I know that my family is being blessed and cared for because I'm out here serving on a mission :)
~Elder Morris

PS- it rained a lot so we got to check out the flood way here in Tayug... it was pretty awesome :) The nature out here is actually just stunning. I also saw a monkey the other day at someones home... I took a picture, but I'll send that next week ;)

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