Wednesday, May 4, 2016


First off, those pictures are so great! The lambs just make my heart so  so happy for some reason. I don't know what on earth it is about lambs... but they make me so happy xD It's so sad that the goat wasn't doing too well, but I am really happy to hear that he is healing and doing well! I totally remember taking the lamb to the beach, that was the best!! :D :D
I got the numbers and created a Skype and added you as a contact, so hopefully expect a call coming on Sunday Evening there... at least I think so. If you want to do the calculation... it'll be here Monday Morning probably somewhere between 10 and 2... so I really don't know when exactly I'll call, but I will :D
I honestly don't really know what is in the soap... but it's called "ROYALE KOJIC PAPAYA" and is really great! But anyway, it's pretty funny to me to hear about how long it might take for that package to get here... I don't know why! I'm so so happy to hear that all of you guys are taking care out there at home, and I of course hope that things will keep being awesome :) I don't think that I'll email next week because I'm going to be too busy calling hope.... hopefully you guys won't mind xD
Anyway, so my week...!
Meron po kaming ULAN. That means that we have rain, this week we had two storms that were really really strong with tons of rain. But what I want to focus more on is the lightning, I don't think ever in my life had I seen lightning as strong and often as that. It was literally some 2 every second for hours... that made for some pretty cool pictures, which I'll try to send right now or next week. But that was really cool!
This week was really good for us here in San Leon, with a lot of success. But of course the best thing that has got to have heppened to me this week is the fact that Brother C had his baptismal interview and passed with flying colors!!! That means coming up on Saturday, I will be having another baptism. He was the happiest man that I think I have ever seen, I mean coming out of that interview he was just beaming with light and joy. And that's saying something for someone who just biked some 3 km in the heat of the sun just to get to the church. Haha, he's such a funny guy... even though it's so hard to understand anything because he talks at a million miles an hour.
Now there was SUCH a kind of funny and sad experience this week... so last week we talked to that singapore man, and he was talking about some book that "was written by our founder" and proved why our religion was wrong. Then kept asking if we know who Mormon is. So one, of course we know Mormon is... I think I know a little more about Mormon than him xD Anyway though, he then was talking about how he has two hotels near where this man is from in Singapore... so then we are REALLY confused like... what?! The next time we came back, this week... we asked to see this "book" and he pulled it out and gave it right to us, said we could keep it!
You know what it was?
The autobiography of J. Willard Marriot. As it turns out it wasn't at all an antimormon literature, but about a devout Mormon who created an incredibly successful hotel chain. So when we go back this week, I'm going to have so much fun sharing how that isn't at all written by our "leader". It's just sad to me, because I don't think he quite understood the things that he read, because when he gave us the chapter that proves us "wrong", I went home and read it... only to find out that it was a chapter on his dedicated missionary service in New York xD
What else can I say? We have really been working and pulling out lessons with investigators and less active members. I think that this week, we found 13 investigators through our own efforts and 24 total by the end of the week because we had a Blitz (where the missionaries in my district all came and we went out to find new investigators... that was really successful!)
And finally, we had two lessons this week where a less active cried and then one where the investigator cried on the first lesson. It's really humbling because they live in really humble circumstances, and you know what... I felt really that we were supposed to go and visit them that day. The Spirit is truly a wonderful gift and the teacher of every one. What a wonderful and humbling work it is to be serving out here in San Leon. Though my time is running out since transfers is coming up and I think that it'll be finally time for me to move on to another area!
Love you guys so much,
Elder Morris
ps- so two of these pictures need explanation!
ONE, those birds are some sort of mocking ones... because they could copy so much! Like I said "pangit ka (you're ugly) and it copied me!!!" or would whistle to it, and it would return the noise! SO COOL.
and two, we found a dead kitten outside our apartment, so we held a "funeral" and even had kids who I don't even know attend! It was really funny XD

Gwapo ako. (I am handsome)

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