Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I loved being able to read y'alls email and see the pictures back home! It sounds like Christmas was just such a wonderful experience, I'm happy to hear that you guys aren't freezing! Keep doing well there back home, say hi to the sheepies for me :D I hope that everything stays going very well and I can't wait to email about my first week in the field... now THAT might just be a long long email, haha :) It's officially my last day in the MTC, and tomorrow I wake up at 5am to catch a bus to get to Urdaneta. It's so crazy! The experience here has been so fun and I've made a lot of friends... even friends who barely understand English, which is really great... Filipinos have a definite unique sense of humor! I don't really have much to say about this week except for a lot of study and language practice. I just cannot believe that tomorrow I head out to the field!
With Love,
Elder Morris

ps- Because I don't really have a lot to say for this week... here's a bunch of pictures of Christmas and stuff :) The fish is some food that we had for dinner a few nights ago, it's a whole fish that's cooked and dried xD

pss- Spiritual experience/thought is in DC 18:15-18 about the worth of souls... just read it, it's really good! I feel that the worth of souls IS great, and bringing one soul... even if that one soul is ourselves, then great will be our joy! And how much more joy would it be to bring many??

That Elder I'm standing with in front of that tree with all the lights is Elder L. The one from
Fredericksburg Stake :)

Dear Brother and Sister M,
We are pleased to inform you that your son, Elder Morris, arrived safely in Urdaneta earlier today. They left Manila late due to the heavy traffic and the inability of the group to secure bus tickets coming to Urdaneta and so their departure from Cubao was delayed for about 3 hours. The group arrived at approximately 4pm and were picked up by my Elders at the pick-up point promptly and brought to the Mission Home. After dinner and a short rest, we held a small meeting for the missionaries, together with my wife and 5 children for them to get to know my family and I better. They have now been ferried to the various apartments where they will spend a night before they meet their trainers and will be assigned an area tomorrow at our transfer meeting.
Attached is a picture of your son with my wife and I at the Mission Home. Rest assured that your son is in good hands. I will email you again when your son has been assigned an area and a trainer.

President, Philippines Urdaneta Mission



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