Saturday, November 14, 2015

1st letter from the MTC

First off, my preparation days are on Saturdays while in the MTC! :)
Thank you so much :D This week has been so crazy, as in SUPER crazy! You know that I flew out on Monday, so first it was a flight that only had two seats on one side and one seat on the other and the head clearance was only SIX FEET... so I had to bend over the whole time! Then I got to JFK in New York and was able to board a much bigger flight going directly to Salt Lake City. but anyway... I made it to Utah safe, although when I got there, I waited for 20 minutes alone just because they thought I was coming in another return area! I got to spend Tuesday with all of my family, and it was really fun. :) I had a chance to go to the temple there and it was so cool that I was able to go to the Salt Lake City temple to do an endowment session, it was live and so so spiritual, so if you get a chance to go and do a session... DO IT! Wednesday was the day that I reported, it was awesome but so hard, I showed up at 12:45 where they whisked me away to put stuff away and start learning Tagalog! Can I just say that learning Tagalog is SO HARD?! We walked into the classroom on the first day and learned with much craziness that our teacher speaks only Tagalog with very little English, needless to say it was a LONG 3 hours of language study! However, it's only been three days and sure we've made a bunch of progress, but it makes my head hurt! Although it's making me Tiwala ng Diyos at ng Espiritu Santo. (tee-wala nang Jos nang eh-spirit-oo sant-o) (Trust in God and the Holy Spirit) My companions name is Elder Garrett and we have a ton in common, which is crazy because I was supposed to be with this Tongan elder, but he never showed up to the MTC, which is actually really sad. I share my residence with Elder Garrett and another set of Elders, Elder Edgley and Elder Budge. We have a lot of crazy conversations and fit together very well. Our dorm has two sets of bunk beds, mine is close to the wall and a top bunk... but our room doesn't have any ladders to get onto the bed, so I have to super ninja climb up one of the sides and crawl up! 
Just yesterday we had to teach a lesson to an 'investigator' in Tagalog, who we found out later was an RM and actually understands our pain in learning Tagalog... his name is Ignacio and is Catholic, he's really kind and speaks really really fast! It was so awkward because we're expected to give long lessons in as much Tagalog as we can, which proved to be such a challenge.
Anyway, crazy story, last night we were coming back from language study and teaching the investigator and the other Elders in our district were cooking SPAM on one of the irons... literally make us laugh so hard, they shared with us... so I can now say that I've tasted iron-cooked spam!
The MTC is so wonderful, it's such a hard experience but is truly so wonderful, you grow so much closer to the spirit and every moment of every day is focused on growing closer to Christ and becoming a more effective missionary! I've come to know so much better that the Lord loves us and knows us all so perfectly, He helps us when we need help and comforts us when we stand in need of comfort :)
Elder Morris :)

Ps- I have pictures to send of me and my companions (and some elders cooking Spam on an iron) but I don't have my camera SD card with me right now so I'll send them later today or next Saturday!

words learned this week were a TON, but I feel like sharing some so you get an idea of what I'm learning :)
pananampalataya- faith
Manunubos- Redeemer
Magbahagi- share
Magbasa- read
Magdasal- pray
Totoo ng Aklat ni Mormon- True is the Book of Mormon. (their sentence structures are so crazy!

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